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Model No
Selling Unit EACH
Categories Portable Power Product
Batteries Secondary (Rechargeable)
Cordless Drill and Power Tool Batteries
Description Power Tool / Cordless Drill Battery
Application Power Tool / Cordless Drill
Original Brand AEG, Atlas Copco, Milwaukee
Chemistry Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
Voltage 18V
Nominal Capacity 2Ah
Watt Hour 36.0Wh
Brand Master (this product is a compatible alternative to that of the original brand)
Width 82mm
Height 68mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 136mm
Weight 1049g
Suitable For:
AEG BDSE 18T Super Torque
AEG SB2E 18T Super Torque
Atlas Copco LokTor H18
Atlas Copco LokTor P18T
Atlas Copco LokTor P18TX
Atlas Copco LokTor S18P
Atlas Copco LokTor S18PX
Atlas Copco LokTor S18T
Atlas Copco LokTor S18TX
Atlas Copco PIW18
Atlas Copco PMS18
Atlas Copco Power Plus 18 volt work light
Atlas Copco PSH18
Atlas Copco PSX18
Chicago Pneumatic CP8745
Milwaukee 0521-20
Milwaukee 0521-21
Milwaukee 0521-22
Milwaukee 0522-20
Milwaukee 0522-21
Milwaukee 0522-22
Milwaukee 0522-24
Milwaukee 0522-25
Milwaukee 0522-52
Milwaukee 0523-20
Milwaukee 0523-22
Milwaukee 0524-20
Milwaukee 0524-22
Milwaukee 0524-24
Milwaukee 0524-52
Milwaukee 0622-20
Milwaukee 0622-24
Milwaukee 0624-20
Milwaukee 0624-24
Milwaukee 0627-20
Milwaukee 0627-24
Milwaukee 0628-24
Milwaukee 0629-24
Milwaukee 0780-20
Milwaukee 0880-20
Milwaukee 0901-24
Milwaukee 0901-28
Milwaukee 0902-24
Milwaukee 0902-28
Milwaukee 0903-28
Milwaukee 0904-28
Milwaukee 0912-29
Milwaukee 0923-25
Milwaukee 0923-29
Milwaukee 0926-24
Milwaukee 0934-29
Milwaukee 1109-20
Milwaukee 1109-21
Milwaukee 1109-24
Milwaukee 1109-52
Milwaukee 3109-21
Milwaukee 3109-24
Milwaukee 5361-20
Milwaukee 5361-21
Milwaukee 5361-24
Milwaukee 5361-52
Milwaukee 6310-20
Milwaukee 6310-22
Milwaukee 6320-20
Milwaukee 6320-21
Milwaukee 6320-22
Milwaukee 6320-24
Milwaukee 6514-20
Milwaukee 6514-21
Milwaukee 6514-29
Milwaukee 6515-20
Milwaukee 6515-21
Milwaukee 6515-22
Milwaukee 6515-23
Milwaukee 6515-27
Milwaukee 6515-52
Milwaukee 6515-99
Milwaukee 9078-22
Milwaukee 9079-20
Milwaukee 9079-22
Milwaukee 9079-23
Milwaukee 9099-20
Milwaukee 9099-23
Milwaukee LokTor H18
Milwaukee LokTor P18T
Milwaukee LokTor P18TX
Milwaukee LokTor S18P
Milwaukee LokTor S18PX
Milwaukee LokTor S18T
Milwaukee LokTor S18TX
Milwaukee PIW18
Milwaukee PMS18
Milwaukee Power Plus 18 volt work light
Milwaukee PSH18
Milwaukee PSX18
Compatible With:
AEG 4932386853
AEG 4932386873
Atlas Copco 4932386853
Atlas Copco 4932386873
Atlas Copco B18
Atlas Copco BF18
Atlas Copco BX18
Atlas Copco BXL18
Atlas Copco BXS18
Atlas Copco MX18
Atlas Copco MXS18
Chicago Pneumatic 8940158631
Milwaukee 48-11-1430
Milwaukee 48-11-1815
Milwaukee 48-11-1828
Milwaukee 48-11-2200
Milwaukee 48-11-2230
Milwaukee 48-11-2232
Milwaukee 4932373551
Milwaukee 4932373556
Milwaukee 4932386874
Milwaukee 4932386875
Milwaukee 4932399196
Milwaukee 4932399415
Milwaukee 4932399512
Milwaukee B18
Milwaukee BF18
Milwaukee BX18
Milwaukee BXL18
Milwaukee BXS18
Milwaukee MX18
Milwaukee MXS18
Milwaukee V18

Battery pack contains fast charge/high rate discharge Sanyo cells.

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