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Model No
Selling Unit EACH
Categories Portable Power Product
Battery Chargers / Analysers / Testers
Lead Acid Battery Chargers
Description 12V 1.25A output microprocessor controlled 4 Stage lead acid battery charger with rugged aluminium chassis
Application Mains charger for all types of smaller to medium size 12V lead acid batteries,Maintenance charger for small to medium capacity 12V lead acid batteries,Ideal for use with security, stationary devices, small-standard vehicles, electric start mowers. jetskis
Width 93mm
Height 105mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 82mm
Weight 1050g
Outer Quantity 6

12V 1.25A Fully automatic 4 Stage Lead Acid battery charger.
Complete 4 Step Constant Current Microprocessor Controlled Charging Program.

Perfect for a wide range of lead acid battery styles from Flooded, Sealed, Maintenance Free, VRLA, and Gel to AGM.

Although they often appear to be a better economic choice for the typical consumer, trickle chargers do not have the advantage of sophisticated microprocessor electronic control. What appears to be a cost savings for the charger may actually cost several times the charger price in replacement batteries. This is the difference between the Battery Fighter and the other 2 step Lead Acid Chargers.

Alternative connector types are available. Click here to see the range.

Why is Battery Fighter a better Charger? Click here to find out.  
More information on the range is available from the data sheet below.

Full 3 Year Warranty

This Battery Fighter charger comes with interchangeable leads connectivity via the convenient Constar/SAE quick disconnect termination.
A range of alternative accessory leads are available for this charger. Click the links below for more information.

Alligator Clips

Ring Terminals

3 pin microphone connector

DC, Merit, Hella plug

4.8mm (F1) female spades

6.35mm (F2) female spades

BFL extension lead

Female DC socket

In line voltage reader

XLR Connector

5V (regulated) USB socket

Anderson / torberry connectors

Data Sheet Data Sheets/Chargers/SLA Chargers/Battery Fighter Series.pdf  Can't read the data sheet? Try

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