AC Delco Battery Chargers

 The AC Delco charger range is distributed in Australia by Master Instruments Pty Ltd.

We're proud to have contributed to circuit design changes to make the AC-Delco chargers even more suitable for the demanding conditions of use in Australia.

The range features two charger models. A 3 stage 6V/12V auto voltage detect logic controlled model with switchable current outputs. A microprocessor controlled 4 stage 12 volt model with switchable current outputs also featuring a desulphation mode as the last stage of charging to keep batteries at maximum available capacity.

The AC Delco range of chargers offer accurate charge control. Featuring current outputs from 2amps up to 15 amps this range makes it easy to find a suitable charger for your motor vehicle, jet ski, boat, caravan, ride-on lawnmower, mobility scooter, golf buggy or any other application using gel, flooded, sealed or AGM types of lead acid batteries are catered for. Australian distributor for AC Delco chargers, AC Delco chargers, AC Delco battery chargers, AC Delco battery chargers. 

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