Analogue Meters

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Pioneer Range Panel Meters

The Pioneer range of instruments are ideally suited for extreme, harsh environmental applications. The main areas of use are military, industrial and marine. Developed originally for the Ministry of Defence, these products have been customer lead, giving rise to the extensive product range now available.

These instruments are available with moving coil, 90º and 240º pivot and jewel movements, moving iron 90º sapphire jewels, bearings and carbon steel pivots. A miniature instrument is available with 230º movement.

Manufactured for Ac and Dc applications, for heavier duties the range is supported by a full selection of current transformers and shunts.

Type tested and approved to defence standards DEF 66-7 and DEF 66-9, these instruments are subject to stringent test and inspection procedures. These tests relate to temperature, sealing, insulation, overload, resistance, fogging, acceleration and all requirements of the standard (full details available on request).

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Analogue Meters



Square switch panel meters compliant with DIN 43700

Front frame dimensions:
48x48 mm, 72x72 mm, 96x96 mm and 144x144 mm
Moving coil and moving iron meters for measuring electrical current and voltage, bimetal instruments with slave pointer as well as power, power factor and frequency measurement.
Interchangeable scale system for simple scale change as standard.
We realize all technically feasible customer requests for scale design, panel lighting, colour scheme, additional print, accuracy, special measuring ranges, built-in range switches etc..
Most analogue switchboard instruments are available as certified earthquake-proof models.
Synchronising panel meters
- Synchroscopes
- Dual volt meters
- Dual frequency meters in all commonly used measuring ranges and sizes 96x96 and 144x144 mm.

Edgewise and slim-line meters

Front frame dimensions: 48x24 mm, 72x24 mm, 96x24 mm, 72x36 mm, 96x48 mm, 144x72 mm
For measuring electrical current and voltage.
The size 96x24 mm model comes with interchangeable scale system as standard.

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