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Enepower is Master Instrument’s range of custom & bespoke battery, charger & power solutions.

With over 40 years of battery engineering and manufacturing experience, and access to the world’s best component manufacturers, Enepower represents a commitment to providing innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements.

Enepower products are designed and manufactured in the Master Instrument’s facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. All Enepower products are constructed to the highest standards, using quality parts and are subjected to multiple QC checks during, and at the end of the manufacturing process. All stages of the production process are performed under the ever-watchful eye of an enthusiastic & talented team of Engineers and technicians.

The Enepower design-in ranges below offer a diversity of options for prototype evaluation and assessment, and may possibly be the foundation for your final product requirements.

Whatever your requirements, speak to the Engineers at Master Instruments to find your Enepower solution.

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