GX Device Family

Image Model No
Description Brand
Linx Technologies ANT-LTE-MON-SMA-L ANT-LTE-MON-SMA-L Tilt/Swivel type RF External Antenna LTE suitable for Global Link 520 Linx Technologies 10 71.12 5.2 8
Victron Energy ASS050300010 ASS050300010 Wall Mount Enclosure for 65x120mm GX panels with 90 deg. RJ45 socket only ASS050300010 Victron Energy 80 50 150 400
Victron Energy ASS050600000 ASS050600000 Wall Mount Enclosure for Color Control GX and BMV or MPPT Control ASS050600000 Victron Energy 135 65 245 600
Victron Energy Battery Alarm GX Battery Alarm GX Low Cost Alarm Panel for Monitoring Battery Bank BPA000100010R Victron Energy 65 40 120
Victron Energy CCGX-WIFI-LR CCGX-WIFI-LR CCGX-WIFI-LR Module Long Range Netgear AC1200 BPP900200400 Victron Energy
Victron Energy CCGX-WiFi-LR CCGX-WiFi-LR WiFi Module Long Range Gembird WNP-UA-002 BPP900200200 Victron Energy
Victron Energy CCGX-WiFi-S CCGX-WiFi-S WiFi Module Simple ModMyPI USB 11N nano BPP900100200 Victron Energy
Victron Energy CERBO GX CERBO GX System Communication Centre for Battery Monitoring & Control Victron Energy 143 48 78 420
Victron Energy COLOUR CONTROL GX COLOUR CONTROL GX Colour Control GX Systems Controller with Graphical User Interface (GUI) BPP010300100R Victron Energy 120 28 130
Victron Energy Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX LED Power Control & Assist Panel for Multis & Quattros 90Deg RJ45 DMC000200010R Victron Energy 65 40 120
Victron Energy GX GSM GX GSM Cellular Modem for GX Devices (with Indoor Antenna) GSM100100100 Victron Energy 42.5 22 106
Victron Energy GX GSM-GPS Antenna GX GSM-GPS Antenna GPS Antenna for GX GSM GSM900200100 Victron Energy 3000
Victron Energy GX GSM-OUTDOOR 4G ANTENNA GX GSM-OUTDOOR 4G ANTENNA Outdoor 4G GSM Antenna for GX GSM GSM900100400 Victron Energy
Victron Energy GX GSM-Outdoor Antenna GX GSM-Outdoor Antenna Outdoor 2G & 3G GSM Antenna for GX GSM GSM900100100 Victron Energy 250
Victron Energy GX LTE 4G-SA GX LTE 4G-SA 4G Cellular Modem for GX Devices (with Indoor Antenna) GSM100300400 Victron Energy
Victron Energy GX TOUCH 50 GX TOUCH 50 5 Inch Graphical User Interface (GUI) For Cerbo GX BPP900455050 Victron Energy 128 87 12.4 4165
Victron Energy GX TOUCH 70 GX TOUCH 70 7 Inch Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Cerbo GX BPP900455070 Victron Energy 176.2 113.2 13.5
Victron Energy LTE-M Outdoor Antenna LTE-M Outdoor Antenna Outdoor LTE-M wall-mount antenna For GlobalLink 520 ANT100200100 Victron Energy
Victron Energy OCTO GX OCTO GX Systems Controller & Monitor - 10 on-board ports + RS485 port for Energy Meter Victron Energy 90 61 108
Victron Energy Temperature Sensor Type C Temperature Sensor Type C Temperature Sensor for RS Inverters & MPPT's ASS000020000 Victron Energy
Victron Energy Temperature Sensor for Venus GX Temperature Sensor for Venus GX Temperature Sensor for QUATTRO/MULTIPLUS/Venus GX ASS000001000 Victron Energy
Victron Energy VECSi-Skylla-i Control GX (RA) VECSi-Skylla-i Control GX (RA) Skylla-i Control GX Panel (Right Angle) Victron Energy 120 65 210
Victron Energy VEICMPII-24/3000/70-32GX VEICMPII-24/3000/70-32GX 70A MultiPlus-II Inverter & SLA/LiFePO4 Charger 24V 3000VA 70A - 32A Transfer Switch with inbuilt GX PMP242306000 Victron Energy SLA/LiFePO4 24 147 506 275 19000
Victron Energy VEICMPII-48/3000/35-32GX VEICMPII-48/3000/35-32GX 35A MultiPlus-II Inverter & SLA/LiFePO4 Charger 48V 3000VA 35A - 32A Transfer Switch with inbuilt GX PMP482306000 Victron Energy SLA/LiFePO4 48 147 506 275 26000
Victron Energy VEICMPII-48/5000/70-50GX VEICMPII-48/5000/70-50GX 70A MultiPlus-II GX Inverter & SLA/LiFePO4 Charger 48V 5000VA 70A - 50A TRANSFER SWITCH PMP482506000 Victron Energy SLA/LiFePO4 48 323 565 148 30000
Victron Energy VENUS GX VENUS GX Venus-GX Systems Controller & Monitor BPP900400100 Victron Energy 96 45 143

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