Humidity Meters

Image Model No
Description Brand
Lutron AM4205A AM4205A Anemometer with Humidity & Temperature. Lutron
Lutron EM9000 EM9000 Environment Meter. 4 in 1. Lutron
Lutron EM9200 EM9200 Multifunction Meter With Plug & Play Optional Probes & Adapters Lutron
Lutron HD3008 HD3008 Humidity & Dew Point + Type K Thermometer, RS232 Lutron
Lutron HT3006HA HT3006HA Humidity Meter Type K Thermometer Lutron
Lutron HT3015 HT3015 Humidity Meter With Temperature, Dew Point & RS232 For Datalogging Lutron
Lutron HT3015HA HT3015HA Humidity Meter With Temperature, Dew Point. Lutron
Lutron HT3017 HT3017 Precision Hygrometer with %RH, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Temp., Type K/J Temp Lutron
Lutron HT3027SD HT3027SD Precision Hygrometer with Humidity/Temperature, Dew Point. 4 types of measurement in the one meter. SD card real time data recording Lutron
Lutron HT305 HT305 Pocket Humidity Meter With Temperature & Dew Point Lutron
Lutron LM8000A LM8000A 4 In 1 Anemometer/Hygrometer (Humidity)/Light Meter/Thermometer Lutron
Lutron LM8010 LM8010 4 in 1 Meter. Anemometer, Humidity meter, Light Meter & Temp. K Type T/Couple Lutron
Lutron LM8020G LM8020G 4 in 1 Green Meter with power provided by winding. Anemometer, Hygrometer, Light Meter & Thermometer Lutron
Lutron LM8100+CA03 LM8100+CA03 4 in 1 professional measuring instrument, Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Light Meter, Thermometer Lutron
Lutron LM8102 LM8102 5 in 1 professional measuring instrument Lutron
Lutron LM81HT LM81HT Humidity/Temperature Meter Lutron
Lutron LM9000 LM9000 7 in 1 Meter - Anemometer, Air Flow, Humidity/Temp., Dew Point, Light, Barometer, Type K Temp. Lutron
Lutron PHB318 PHB318 3 in 1 professional measuring instrument Lutron
Lutron PHT316 PHT316 Humidity/Temperature Meter Lutron
Lutron SP7000 SP7000 7 in 1 Environment Meter - Anemometer, CMM/CFM Humidity/Temp. meter Lutron
Lutron SP9202 SP9202 11 In 1 Sport/Weather Meter, Environment Meter Lutron
Lutron WBGT2009 WBGT2009 Heat Index WBGT Meter - WBGT ( in/out door ), TG Temp., Humidity / Air Temp., Dew point Temp., Wet bulb Temp. Lutron

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