Miscellaneous Connectors

Image Model No
Description Brand
Master CE013 CE013 9V Snap Misc 9 Volt Snap Connector with 152mm Leads, I Style Master
Master CE014 CE014 9V Snap Misc 9 Volt Snap Connector with 150mm leads in 26AWG. UL1007, I Style Master 175 2
Master CE071 CE071 67096-002 Misc Berg 67096-002, 24AWG Black&Red 150mm Blunt Cut (Freedom Phone) Master 160 2
Master CE103 CE103 500-2P Connector Assembly Misc 500-2P 24AWG Black 125mm & Red 80mm Strip and tin 5mm Master 134 1
Master CE180 CE180 DC DC Jack Female Figure 8 2.1mm x 5.5mm 16AWG Twin Core Flat 300mm Lead. Master
Master CE4000T-BLK CE4000T-BLK 4000-T Misc Contact 4000-T, Black, 24AWG, 12.00" (300mm) Blunt Cut Master 321 2
Master CE4000T-RED CE4000T-RED 4000-T Misc Contact 4000-T, Red, 24AWG, 12.00" (300mm) Blunt Cut Master 320 2
Master CE4000T-WHT CE4000T-WHT 4000-T Misc Contact 4000-T, White, 24AWG, 12.00" Blunt Cut. Master 312 2
Master CE-A CE-A M63M82-01 Mitsumi type M63M83-02, Leads RED=130mm BLACK=135mm STRIP & TIN. Master 144 2
Master CE-ELBP2 CE-ELBP2 Spade Dual Spade Assembly (pair): 6.35mm positive (+) and 2.8mm negative (-) with 600mm leads. Master
Master CE-ELBP2R CE-ELBP2R Spade Dual Spade Assembly (pair): 2.9mm positive (+) and 6.35mm negative (-) with 600mm leads. Master
Master CE-ELBP5 CE-ELBP5 Spade Dual Spade Assembly (pair) 4.8mm SPADES V90HT 1/0.8 Leads RED & BLACK=1000mm. Master
Master CE-ELBP6 CE-ELBP6 Spade 2.9mm Female spade receptacles, Leads RED & BLACK=1000mm AWG20. Master
Master CE-G CE-G JP2418-3 JMT Type JP2418-3, Leads 2xRED=90mm BLACK=105mm STRIP & TIN. Master 110 2

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