Specialised Torch, LED Torch & Laser Sight Batteries

Mi manufacture high quality rechargeable battery packs for professional use torches incuding premium quality batteries for the latest LED torches.
Our LED torch batteries are premium quality featuring built in safety protection manufactured using the best technology high capacity lithium ion cells from Sanyo & Panasonic
We also offer a range of lithium primary cells & battery packs for laser sights made using world's leading Sanyo & Panasonic cells

Image Model No
Description Brand
Master TB-082753110 TB-082753110 Battery for Wurth LED Rechargeable Work Lamp Master LiIon 3.7 2.6Ah 19 68.8 48
Master TB-108MK6R-RB TB-108MK6R-RB Battery for Eveready Dolphin 108MK6R Rechargeable Lantern Master NiMH 6 1.6Ah 26.5 49.7 42.5 131
Master TB-20170-NiCd TB-20170-NiCd Rechargeable NiCd Torch Battery for SL20 suitable for Streamlight, Maglite, Magcharger Torches Master NiCd 6 2.5Ah 32.3 180 381.5
Master TB-20170-NiMH TB-20170-NiMH Rechargeable High Capacity NiMH Torch Battery for SL20 suitable for Streamlight, Maglite, Magcharger Torches Master NiMH 6 3.5Ah 33 180 381.5
Master TB-25170 TB-25170 Torch Battery for Streamlight SL15X, SL-20XP. Replaces 25170 Master NiCd 6 1.8Ah 23 215 260
Master TB-35170 TB-35170 Torch Battery for SL35 Master NiCd 6 5Ah 33 307.5 725
Master TB-71392 TB-71392 Battery for Narva 71320 inspection light Master NiMH 4.8 4Ah 34 130 17
Master TB-75175 TB-75175 Torch Battery for Streamlight Stinger, Stinger XT, Stinger XT HP, Stinger LED, Stinger HP, PolyStinger. Replaces 75175 Master NiCd 3.6 1.9Ah 22.8 129.2 159
Master TB-77175 TB-77175 Torch Battery for Streamlight SuperStinger, UltraStinger, SL-20XP LED. Replaces 77175 Master NiCd 6 1.9Ah 22.8 215 266
Master TB-77375 TB-77375 Torch Battery for Streamlight SuperStinger, UltraStinger, SL-20XP LED, SL-20L, SL-20LP. Replaces 77375 Master NiMh 6 3Ah
Master TB-7783 TB-7783 Torch Battery for Led Lenser X21R Torch Master NiMH 4.8 10Ah 32.5 242 644
Master TB-90120 TB-90120 Torch Battery suits SL90 Master NiCd 4.8 1.7Ah 23 172 216
Master TB-ALC-0313N TB-ALC-0313N Battery for X-Glow Cree LED XLamp ALC-0313N Master NiMH 3.6 2.15Ah 16.7 130.2 101
Master TB-B65 TB-B65 Battery for Surefire 6P, D2, G2. Replaces Surefire B65 Master NiCd 4.8 600mAh 16.8 120.4
Master TB-H0059_1 TB-H0059_1 Battery for Mica HL-150 Headlamp Master NiCd 6 4.5Ah 102 123 34
Master TB-HALCYON-REFURB TB-HALCYON-REFURB Battery for Halcyon Dive Light Master NiMH 12 9Ah 60 235 1477
Master TB-NLD51B TB-NLD51B Battery for NLD51 Torch Master NiCd 6 5Ah 60 61.5 99 725
Master TB-OLIGHT-REFURB TB-OLIGHT-REFURB Battery for OLIGHT SR95 and SR96 Intimidator Flashlights Master LiIon 7.4 7.8Ah 52 177 535
Master TB-QCL/13A TB-QCL/13A Battery for Foster+Freeman Crime-lite 1 & 2 Master NiMH 7.2 2.55Ah 33 121 218

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