Test Equipment Batteries

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Description Chemistry
Original Brand
MI Battery Experts 0515 1100-REFURB 0515 1100-REFURB Battery pack suitable for Testo 875 series (875-1i and 875-2i), 882 Thermal Imaging Camera LiIon 3.7 5.2Ah Testo
MI Battery Experts 1118-00-0358 JDSU-Refurb 1118-00-0358 JDSU-Refurb Battery pack suitable for JDSU SDA-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer (Refurbishment) NiMH 12 4Ah JDSU
MI Battery Experts 941210-Refurb 941210-Refurb Battery pack suitable for Compex mi-SPORT and other Compex models. NiMH 4.8 1.7Ah Compex
MI Battery Experts DCB-T197410-BP1 DCB-T197410-BP1 Thermal Imaging Camera Battery LiIon 3.7 2.2Ah FLIR
Routejade FLPB301031-HPMW30-30 FLPB301031-HPMW30-30 FLPB301031-HPMW30-30 3.8V 78mAh Lithium Ion Polymer cell with PCM and 30mm leads LiPo 3.8 78mAh
Routejade FLPB463535R-HPLW30-25MA2 FLPB463535R-HPLW30-25MA2 FLPB463535R-HPLW30-25MA2 3.7V 460mAh Lithium Ion Polymer cell with PCM and Connector LiPo 3.7 460mAh
IP-CORGHI Insert Battery Pack suitable for use with Corghi Exact 70 Wheel Aligner NiMH 7.2 3Ah Corghi
MI Battery Experts IP-MLGPX IP-MLGPX Insert Battery Pack suitable for use with Minelab GPX Metal Detector LiIon 7.4 10.4Ah Minelab
MI Battery Experts S940-FITEL-REFURB S940-FITEL-REFURB Battery pack suitable for FITEL S176 and S199 Fusion Splicer (Refurbishment) NiMH 12 4.5Ah FITEL
MI Battery Experts SOLO 760-001-REFURB SOLO 760-001-REFURB Battery pack suitable for Solo Cordless Heat Detector Tester (Refurbishment) NiMH 7.2 3Ah Solo
MI Battery Experts TEB-03002152 TEB-03002152 Battery pack suitable for Vetronix CONSULT-II NiMH 7.2 1.65Ah Vetronix
MI Battery Experts TEB-0460-73366 TEB-0460-73366 Battery suitable for Hunting Highvolt Check It MkII insulation tester NiMH 14.4 300mAh Hunting Highvolt
MI Battery Experts TEB-0515.0098 TEB-0515.0098 Battery pack suitable for Testo 350-S / -XL NiMH 8.4 4.5Ah TESTO
MI Battery Experts TEB-101-147-1 TEB-101-147-1 Battery pack suitable for MicroPower Electronics 101-147-1 NiCd 9.6 700mAh MicroPower Electronics
MI Battery Experts TEB-117009-G1 TEB-117009-G1 Battery for Dranetz Power Quality Analysers NiMH 7.2 3Ah Dranetz
MI Battery Experts TEB-146-0126-00-REFURB TEB-146-0126-00-REFURB Battery pack suitable for Tektronix TelScout TS200 NiMH 10.8 4Ah Tektronix
MI Battery Experts TEB-200-058 TEB-200-058 Battery pack suitable for GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Flowmeter NiCd 6 1.8Ah GE Panametrics
MI Battery Experts TEB-200-061 TEB-200-061 Battery pack suitable for GE Flowmeter NiCd 4.8 3Ah GE Panametrics
MI Battery Experts TEB-200-081 TEB-200-081 Battery pack suitable for GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Flowmeter NiMH 6 3Ah GE Panametrics
MI Battery Experts TEB-2001-966 TEB-2001-966 Test Equipment Battery suitable for use with Megger 515 Insulation Testers 5kV LiIon 11.1 5.2Ah Megger
MI Battery Experts TEB-2129.91 TEB-2129.91 Battery pack suitable for AEMC 6240/6250 Micro-Ohmmeter NiMH 6 10Ah AEMC
MI Battery Experts TEB-2140.19 TEB-2140.19 Battery pack suitable for AEMC PowerPad Analyser NiMH 9.6 4Ah AEMC
MI Battery Experts TEB-25147-200 TEB-25147-200 Battery pack suitable for FLIR Systems GasFindIR HSX 25mm NTSC (Refurbishment) LiIon 7.2 9.4Ah FLIR Systems
MI Battery Experts TEB-2521 TEB-2521 Battery for Fluke 1521/1522 Thermometers NiMH 3.6 2.7Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts TEB-3548-1021-00 TEB-3548-1021-00 Battery pack suitable for Teradyne WDS for Ford vehicles. NiMH 9.6 4Ah Teradyne
MI Battery Experts TEB-365-6029 TEB-365-6029 Battery pack suitable for L&W Felt Permeability Meter LiIon 7.4 2.4Ah Lorentzen & Wettre
MI Battery Experts TEB-40667-01 TEB-40667-01 Battery pack suitable for Laser Alignment NiCd 4.8 5Ah Laser Alignment
MI Battery Experts TEB-4860 TEB-4860 Battery suitable for Eppendorf Research Pro Electronic Pipette NiMH 2.4 1.22Ah Eppendorf
MI Battery Experts TEB-5600 TEB-5600 Battery pack suitable for AEMC 5600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter 10A NiCd 6 7Ah AEMC
MI Battery Experts TEB-59982 TEB-59982 Battery pack suitable for Schneider Electric Flite FPI LiSOCl2 3.6 19Ah Schneider Electric
MI Battery Experts TEB-6000 TEB-6000 Battery for Riser Bond 6000, 6000 XDSL, 6000 CTS STD NiMH 7.2 4Ah Riser Bond
MI Battery Experts TEB-6240 TEB-6240 Battery pack suitable for AEMC Micro-Ohmmeter NiMH 9.6 4Ah AEMC
MI Battery Experts TEB-7020-0012-500 TEB-7020-0012-500 Battery pack suitable for AeroFlex Communications Test Set 3500/3500A LiIon 11.1 7.8Ah AeroFlex
MI Battery Experts TEB-712-700-G1 TEB-712-700-G1 Battery pack suitable for Inficon NiMH 3.6 3Ah Inficon
TEB-80003 Battery for Sentek All-in-One Soil Moisture Meter LiSOCl2 14.4 13Ah Sentek
MI Battery Experts TEB-9381 TEB-9381 Battery for Cooper Atkins HACCP 37100 Manager Solo Handheld LiIon 3.7 1.15Ah Cooper Atkins
MI Battery Experts TEB-BAT-PACK-DM16HD TEB-BAT-PACK-DM16HD Battery suitable for Rover Instruments Examiner HD, DM16HD, Digicube, Atom HD television/satellite analysers NiMH 10.8 4.5Ah Rover Instruments
MI Battery Experts TEB-BAT-PACK-DS8 TEB-BAT-PACK-DS8 Battery suitable for Rover Instruments S2, S2 E, S2 8PSK, T2, C2, ST-2, PG-1000, MASTER series, MASTER SAT-2, DSA-52, DSA-102, DSA-103, OMNIA-7, SLM-1476, CNG-90 STC, FAST series television/satellite analysers NiMH 7.2 2.7Ah Rover Instruments
TEB-BAT-PACK-LIPO-01 Battery suits Rover Instruments HD FLASH, HD TOUCH, HD PRO, DSA-840 HD LiIon 7.4 9.4Ah Rover Instruments
MI Battery Experts TEB-BAT-PACK-LIPO-03 TEB-BAT-PACK-LIPO-03 Battery suits Rover Instruments HD LIGHT, COMPACT series LiIon 7.4 4.7Ah Rover Instruments
TEB-BAT-PACK-LIPO-06D Battery suits Rover Instruments HT Tab 7 STC, HD Tab 7 EVO, OMNIA 7000 LiIon 7.4 4.7Ah Rover Instruments
TEB-BAT-PACK-LIPO-07D Battery suits Rover Instruments BC84481 TV Meter, TV Expert, T2 Expert, QAM Expert LiIon 3.7 2.3Ah Rover Instruments
MI Battery Experts TEB-BAT-PACK-ST4-DM16 TEB-BAT-PACK-ST4-DM16 Battery suits Rover Instruments ST-4, DM16C, DM16Q television/satellite analysers NiMH 8.4 4Ah Rover Instruments
MI Battery Experts TEB-BAT-PACK-STC3 TEB-BAT-PACK-STC3 Battery suitable for Rover Instruments Atom Light/Power Sat-TV & Cable Signal Analyser NiMH 8.4 4Ah Rover Instruments
MI Battery Experts TEB-BP120 TEB-BP120 Battery pack for Fluke 123 and 124 and Fluke 43 and 43B NiCd 4.8 1.8Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts TEB-BP120MH TEB-BP120MH Battery replaces Fluke BP120MH suits Fluke 123, 124, 43, 43B NiMH 4.8 3Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts TEB-BP190 TEB-BP190 Battery suitable for Fluke 190 series scopemeter & Fluke 430 series power quality analysers NiMH 7.2 4Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts TEB-BP7235 TEB-BP7235 Battery pack suitable for Fluke NiMH 7.2 2.5Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts TEB-BS14.4Li TEB-BS14.4Li Battery for UNAOHM AP Series Real Time Digital & Analogue Spectrum Analysers LiIon 14.8 4.8Ah UNAOHM
MI Battery Experts TEB-CARBOQC TEB-CARBOQC Battery suitable for MEP Instruments CarboQC CO2/O2 Measuring Module NiMH 7.2 1.65Ah Anton Paar, MEP Instruments
MI Battery Experts TEB-CB-047 TEB-CB-047 Battery for Promax PROLINK 3/3C Premium TV & Satellite Signal Meter LiIon 7.4 15.6Ah Promax
MI Battery Experts TEB-CB-077 TEB-CB-077 Battery suitable for Promax TV Explorer TV satellite level meters LiIon 7.4 10.4Ah Promax
MI Battery Experts TEB-CB-083 TEB-CB-083 Battery suitable for Promax HD Ranger TV Satellite Analyser (Refurbishment) LiIon 7.4 13Ah Promax
MI Battery Experts TEB-DIGITRAK TEB-DIGITRAK Battery for Digital Control DigiTrak Mark, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Eclipse and LT Series Receivers and Remote Displays NiCd 14.4 1.8Ah Digital Control
MI Battery Experts TEB-DVB-T TEB-DVB-T Battery pack suitable for Maxpeak DVB-T Terrestrial Alignment Meter (TAM) NiMH 7.2 1.65Ah Maxpeak
MI Battery Experts TEB-EAA0278B04A TEB-EAA0278B04A Battery for Snap-on MTG2500 Colour Graphing Scanner NiMH 8.4 730mAh Snap-on
MI Battery Experts TEB-EXCALIBUR-800 TEB-EXCALIBUR-800 Battery pack suitable for Minelab Excalibur 800 Metal Detector NiCd 12 600mAh Minelab
MI Battery Experts TEB-EXCALIBUR-II TEB-EXCALIBUR-II Battery pack suitable for Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector NiMH 12 1Ah Minelab
MI Battery Experts TEB-EZIWEIGH TEB-EZIWEIGH Battery pack suitable for Tru-Test EziWeigh Livestock Weighing Scale NiCd 6 700mAh Tru-Test
MI Battery Experts TEB-F03409 TEB-F03409 Battery pack suitable for Satlink Digital Satellite Finder LiIon 7.4 2Ah Satlink
MI Battery Experts TEB-IHA-0850B TEB-IHA-0850B Battery suitable for Summitek, Kaelus, Smith Portable PIM analysers LiIon 25.9 2.6Ah Summitek, Kaelus, Smith
MI Battery Experts TEB-ISG-SUPERCELL TEB-ISG-SUPERCELL Battery Refurbishment for ISG Elite XR Thermal Imager NiMH 12 2.7Ah ISG
MI Battery Experts TEB-LD2900 TEB-LD2900 Battery pack suitable for Larson Davis 2900 Real Time Analyzer Sound Level Meter NiCd 7.2 3Ah Larson Davis
MI Battery Experts TEB-MC5600 TEB-MC5600 Battery pack suitable for MetroCount 5600 Vehicle Classifier System Alkaline 6 MetroCount
MI Battery Experts TEB-NOVA5000 TEB-NOVA5000 Battery replaces Nova4AH in Nova5000 data logger NiMH 2x6 4Ah Nova
MI Battery Experts TEB-PDA7 TEB-PDA7 Battery pack suitable for Rover Instruments PDA-7 Analyser NiMH 9.6 2.7Ah Rover Instruments
MI Battery Experts TEB-PM9086-011 TEB-PM9086-011 Battery replaces Fluke PM9086/011. Suits Fluke 90, 91, 92, 92B, 93, 95, 96, 96B, 97, 98, 99, 99B, 105, 105B NiCd 2 x 2.4 3Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts TEB-PR20 TEB-PR20 Battery for Thunderbird PR20 Hand Held Electronic Tag Reader NiMH 4.8 2.55Ah Thunderbird
MI Battery Experts TEB-PT100 TEB-PT100 Battery for Yamaha PT100 Piano Tuner NiCd 6 700mAh Yamaha
MI Battery Experts TEB-RD6000 TEB-RD6000 Battery for Riser Bond RD6000 NiMH 7.2 4.5Ah Radio Detection
MI Battery Experts TEB-RW500 TEB-RW500 Battery for Ruddweigh 500 Scale NiMH 7.2 1.6Ah Ruddweigh
MI Battery Experts TEB-RW600 TEB-RW600 Battery for Ruddweigh 600, 700 Scale NiMH 7.2 2.7Ah Ruddweigh
MI Battery Experts TEB-SA130 TEB-SA130 Battery for Sunrise Telecom SunSet 10G LiIon 10.8 4.8Ah Sunrise Telecom
MI Battery Experts TEB-SAS TEB-SAS Battery for SAS Super ISO Microbiological Air Sampler NiMH 8.4 2.7Ah VWR International PBI
MI Battery Experts TEB-SE15-126 TEB-SE15-126 Battery for X-Rite 500 Series Spectrodensitometer NiMH 4.8 1.65Ah X-Rite
MI Battery Experts TEB-SIGMA100 TEB-SIGMA100 Battery pack suitable for Cashmaster Cash Counter NiMH 7.2 1.6Ah Cashmaster
MI Battery Experts TEB-SIGMAPACE TEB-SIGMAPACE Battery for Fluke Sigmapace 1000 NiMH 7.2 2.7Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts TEB-SS140 TEB-SS140 Battery for Sunrise Telecom SunSet Models (Refurbishment) NiMH 10.8 2.7Ah Sunrise Telecom
MI Battery Experts TEB-SWJ-3188D TEB-SWJ-3188D Battery for Video Snake Pipe & Wall Inspection System LiIon 11.1 5.2Ah Video Snake
MI Battery Experts TEB-TC870 TEB-TC870 Battery suits Graetz TC850 digital signal level meter NiMH 7.2 1.6Ah Graetz
MI Battery Experts TEB-TDA1 TEB-TDA1 Battery for Rover Instruments TDA-6a NiCd 6 3Ah Rover Instruments
MI Battery Experts TEB-TELEMANN1500 TEB-TELEMANN1500 Battery for Telemann Digital TV Level Meter 1500 Series NiMH 4.8 1.7Ah Telemann
MI Battery Experts TEB-THS7BAT TEB-THS7BAT Battery replaces THS7BAT Suits Tektronix THS710, THS710A, THS720, THS720A, THS720P, THS730A NiCd 4.8 3Ah Tektronix
MI Battery Experts TEB-Ti25 TEB-Ti25 Battery pack suitable for Fluke Thermal Imager Instrument NiMH 7.2 2.5Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts TEB-TTC TEB-TTC Battery for TTC Interceptor 147 Communications Analyser SLA 6 2.8Ah TTC
MI Battery Experts TiSBP-Refurb TiSBP-Refurb Battery pack suitable for Fluke Flexcam Thermal Imager LiIon 7.4 5.2Ah Fluke
MI Battery Experts VBL160-BP1 VBL160-BP1 Video camcorder battery LiIon 7.4 2.6Ah Samsung, Topcon

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