Test Equipment Batteries

Image Model No
Description Chemistry
Original Brand
MI Battery Experts 1118-00-0358 JDSU-Refurb 1118-00-0358 JDSU-Refurb Battery pack suitable for JDSU SDA-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer (Refurbishment) NiMH 12 4Ah JDSU
Master 941210-Refurb 941210-Refurb Battery pack suitable for Compex mi-SPORT and other Compex models. NiMH 4.8 1.7Ah Compex
Master DCB-T197410-BP1 DCB-T197410-BP1 Thermal Imaging Camera Battery LiIon 3.7 2.2Ah FLIR
MI Battery Experts S940-FITEL-REFURB S940-FITEL-REFURB Battery pack suitable for FITEL S176 and S199 Fusion Splicer (Refurbishment) NiMH 12 4.5Ah FITEL
MI Battery Experts SOLO 760-001-REFURB SOLO 760-001-REFURB Battery pack suitable for Solo Cordless Heat Detector Tester (Refurbishment) NiMH 7.2 3Ah Solo
Master TEB-03002152 TEB-03002152 Battery pack suitable for Vetronix CONSULT-II NiMH 7.2 1.65Ah Vetronix
Master TEB-0460-73366 TEB-0460-73366 Battery suitable for Hunting Highvolt Check It MkII insulation tester NiMH 14.4 300mAh Hunting Highvolt
Master TEB-0515.0098 TEB-0515.0098 Battery pack suitable for Testo 350-S / -XL NiMH 8.4 4.5Ah TESTO
Master TEB-101-147-1 TEB-101-147-1 Battery pack suitable for MicroPower Electronics 101-147-1 NiCd 9.6 700mAh MicroPower Electronics
Master TEB-117009-G1 TEB-117009-G1 Battery for Dranetz Power Quality Analysers NiMH 7.2 3Ah Dranetz
Master TEB-146-0126-00-REFURB TEB-146-0126-00-REFURB Battery pack suitable for Tektronix TelScout TS200 NiMH 10.8 4Ah Tektronix
Master TEB-200-058 TEB-200-058 Battery pack suitable for GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Flowmeter NiCd 6 1.8Ah GE Panametrics
Master TEB-200-061 TEB-200-061 Battery pack suitable for GE Flowmeter NiCd 4.8 3Ah GE Panametrics
Master TEB-200-081 TEB-200-081 Battery pack suitable for GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Flowmeter NiMH 6 3Ah GE Panametrics
Master TEB-2129.91 TEB-2129.91 Battery pack suitable for AEMC 6240/6250 Micro-Ohmmeter NiMH 6 9Ah AEMC
Master TEB-2140.19 TEB-2140.19 Battery pack suitable for AEMC PowerPad Analyser NiMH 9.6 4Ah AEMC
MI Battery Experts TEB-25147-200 TEB-25147-200 Battery pack suitable for FLIR Systems GasFindIR HSX 25mm NTSC (Refurbishment) LiIon 7.4 8Ah FLIR Systems
Master TEB-2521 TEB-2521 Battery for Fluke 1521/1522 Thermometers NiMH 3.6 2.7Ah Fluke
Master TEB-3548-1021-00 TEB-3548-1021-00 Battery pack suitable for Teradyne WDS for Ford vehicles. NiMH 9.6 4Ah Teradyne
Master TEB-365-6029 TEB-365-6029 Battery pack suitable for L&W Felt Permeability Meter LiIon 7.4 2.4Ah Lorentzen & Wettre
Master TEB-40667-01 TEB-40667-01 Battery pack suitable for Laser Alignment NiCd 4.8 5Ah Laser Alignment
Master TEB-4860 TEB-4860 Battery suitable for Eppendorf Research Pro Electronic Pipette NiMH 2.4 1.22Ah Eppendorf
Master TEB-5600 TEB-5600 Battery pack suitable for AEMC 5600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter 10A NiCd 6 7Ah AEMC
Master TEB-59982 TEB-59982 Battery pack suitable for Schneider Electric Flite FPI LiSOCl2 3.6 19Ah Schneider Electric
Master TEB-6000 TEB-6000 Battery for Riser Bond 6000, 6000 XDSL, 6000 CTS STD NiMH 7.2 4Ah Riser Bond
Master TEB-6240 TEB-6240 Battery pack suitable for AEMC Micro-Ohmmeter NiMH 9.6 4Ah AEMC
Master TEB-7020-0012-500 TEB-7020-0012-500 Battery pack suitable for AeroFlex Communications Test Set 3500/3500A LiIon 11.1 7.8Ah AeroFlex
Master TEB-712-700-G1 TEB-712-700-G1 Battery pack suitable for Inficon NiMH 3.6 3Ah Inficon
Master TEB-9381 TEB-9381 Battery for Cooper Atkins HACCP 37100 Manager Solo Handheld LiIon 3.7 Cooper Atkins
Master TEB-BAT-PACK-DM16HD TEB-BAT-PACK-DM16HD Battery suitable for Rover Instruments Examiner HD, DM16HD, Digicube, Atom HD television/satellite analysers NiMH 10.8 4.5Ah Rover Instruments
Master TEB-BAT-PACK-DS8 TEB-BAT-PACK-DS8 Battery suitable for Rover Instruments S2, S2 E, S2 8PSK, T2, C2, ST-2, PG-1000, MASTER series, MASTER SAT-2, DSA-52, DSA-102, DSA-103, OMNIA-7, SLM-1476, CNG-90 STC, FAST series television/satellite analysers NiMH 7.2 2.7Ah Rover Instruments
Master TEB-BAT-PACK-LIPO-03 TEB-BAT-PACK-LIPO-03 Battery suits Rover Instruments HD LIGHT, COMPACT series LiIon 7.4 4.7Ah Rover Instruments
TEB-BAT-PACK-LIPO-06D Battery suits Rover Instruments HT Tab 7 STC, HD Tab 7 EVO, OMNIA 7000 LiIon 7.4 4.7Ah Rover Instruments
Master TEB-BAT-PACK-ST4-DM16 TEB-BAT-PACK-ST4-DM16 Battery suits Rover Instruments ST-4, DM16C, DM16Q television/satellite analysers NiMH 8.4 4Ah Rover Instruments
Master TEB-BP120 TEB-BP120 Battery pack for Fluke 123 and 124 and Fluke 43 and 43B NiCd 4.8 1.8Ah Fluke
Master TEB-BP120MH TEB-BP120MH Battery replaces Fluke BP120MH suits Fluke 123, 124, 43, 43B NiMH 4.8 3Ah Fluke
Master TEB-BP190 TEB-BP190 Battery for Fluke 192, 192B, 196, 196B, 196C, 199B, 199C, 433, 434, 435 NiMH 7.2 4Ah Fluke
Master TEB-BP7235 TEB-BP7235 Battery pack suitable for Fluke NiMH 7.2 2.5Ah Fluke
Master TEB-BS14.4Li TEB-BS14.4Li Battery for UNAOHM AP Series Real Time Digital & Analogue Spectrum Analysers LiIon 14.8 4.8Ah UNAOHM
Master TEB-CARBOQC TEB-CARBOQC Battery for MEP Instruments CarboQC CO2/O2 Measuring Module NiMH 7.2 1.65Ah Anton Paar, MEP Instruments
Master TEB-CB-077 TEB-CB-077 Battery for Promax TV Explorer LiIon 7.4 10.4Ah Promax
Master TEB-DIGITRAK TEB-DIGITRAK Battery for Digital Control DigiTrak Mark, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Eclipse and LT Series Receivers and Remote Displays NiCd 14.4 1.8Ah Digital Control
Master TEB-DVB-T TEB-DVB-T Battery pack suitable for Maxpeak DVB-T Terrestrial Alignment Meter (TAM) NiMH 7.2 1.65Ah Maxpeak
Master TEB-EAA0278B04A TEB-EAA0278B04A Battery for Snap-on MTG2500 Colour Graphing Scanner NiMH 8.4 730mAh Snap-on
Master TEB-EXCALIBUR-800 TEB-EXCALIBUR-800 Battery pack suitable for Minelab Excalibur 800 Metal Detector NiCd 12 600mAh Minelab
Master TEB-EXCALIBUR-II TEB-EXCALIBUR-II Battery pack suitable for Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector NiMH 12 1Ah Minelab
Master TEB-EZIWEIGH TEB-EZIWEIGH Battery pack suitable for Tru-Test EziWeigh Livestock Weighing Scale NiCd 6 700mAh Tru-Test
Master TEB-F03409 TEB-F03409 Battery pack suitable for Satlink Digital Satellite Finder LiIon 7.4 2Ah Satlink
Master TEB-LD2900 TEB-LD2900 Battery pack suitable for Larson Davis 2900 Real Time Analyzer Sound Level Meter NiCd 7.2 3Ah Larson Davis
Master TEB-MC5600 TEB-MC5600 Battery pack suitable for MetroCount 5600 Alkaline 6 MetroCount
Master TEB-NOVA5000 TEB-NOVA5000 Battery replaces Nova4AH in Nova5000 data logger NiMH 2x6 4Ah Nova
Master TEB-PDA7 TEB-PDA7 Battery pack suitable for Rover Instruments PDA-7 Analyser NiMH 9.6 2.7Ah Rover Instruments
Master TEB-PM9086-011 TEB-PM9086-011 Battery replaces Fluke PM9086/011. Suits Fluke 90, 91, 92, 92B, 93, 95, 96, 96B, 97, 98, 99, 99B, 105, 105B NiCd 2 x 2.4 3Ah Fluke
Master TEB-PR20 TEB-PR20 Battery for Thunderbird PR20 Hand Held Electronic Tag Reader NiMH 4.8 2.55Ah Thunderbird
Master TEB-PT100 TEB-PT100 Battery for Yamaha PT100 Piano Tuner NiCd 6 800mAh Yamaha
Master TEB-RD6000 TEB-RD6000 Battery for Riser Bond RD6000 NiMH 7.2 4.5Ah Radio Detection
Master TEB-RW500 TEB-RW500 Battery for Ruddweigh 500 Scale NiMH 7.2 1.6Ah Ruddweigh
Master TEB-RW600 TEB-RW600 Battery for Ruddweigh 600, 700 Scale NiMH 7.2 2.7Ah Ruddweigh
Master TEB-SA130 TEB-SA130 Battery for Sunrise Telecom SunSet 10G LiIon 10.8 4.8Ah Sunrise Telecom
Master TEB-SAS TEB-SAS Battery for SAS Super ISO Microbiological air sampler NiMH 8.4 2.7Ah VWR International PBI
TEB-SE15-126 Battery for X-Rite 500 Series Spectrodensitometer NiMH 4.8 1.65Ah X-Rite
Master TEB-SIGMA100 TEB-SIGMA100 Battery pack suitable for Cashmaster Cash Counter NiMH 7.2 1.6Ah Cashmaster
Master TEB-SIGMAPACE TEB-SIGMAPACE Battery for Fluke Sigmapace 1000 NiMH 7.2 2.7Ah Fluke
Master TEB-SS140 TEB-SS140 Battery for Sunrise Telecom SunSet Models (Refurbishment) NiMH 10.8 2.7Ah Sunrise Telecom
Master TEB-SWJ-3188D TEB-SWJ-3188D Battery for Video Snake Pipe & Wall Inspection System LiIon 11.1 5.2Ah Video Snake
Master TEB-TC870 TEB-TC870 Battery suits Graetz TC850 digital signal level meter NiMH 7.2 1.6Ah Graetz
Master TEB-TDA1 TEB-TDA1 Battery for Rover Instruments TDA-6a NiCd 6 3Ah Rover Instruments
Master TEB-TELEMANN1500 TEB-TELEMANN1500 Battery for Telemann Digital TV Level Meter 1500 Series NiMH 4.8 1.7Ah Telemann
Master TEB-THS7BAT TEB-THS7BAT Battery replaces THS7BAT Suits Tektronix THS710, THS710A, THS720, THS720A, THS720P, THS730A NiCd 4.8 3Ah Tektronix
Master TEB-TTC TEB-TTC Battery for TTC Interceptor 147 Communications Analyser SLA 6 2.8Ah TTC
Master TEB-Ti25 TEB-Ti25 Battery pack suitable for Fluke Thermal Imager Instrument NiMH 7.2 2.5Ah Fluke
Master TiSBP-Refurb TiSBP-Refurb Battery pack suitable for Fluke Flexcam Thermal Imager LiIon 7.4 5.2Ah Fluke
Master VBL160-BP1 VBL160-BP1 Video camcorder battery LiIon 7.4 2.3Ah Samsung, Topcon

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