Torch Accessories

Image Model No
Description Brand
Ansmann 1600-0003 1600-0003 1600-0003 Ansmann Universal Torch Holder for flashlights from 10mm-30mm diameter ideal for bicycle lighting Ansmann 24.5
Ansmann 1600-0028 1600-0028 1600-0028 Ansmann Stylus Touch 4in1 Mulitfunctional Pen-Torch-Stylus-Laser pointer Ansmann 120 24.5
Ansmann 1600-0037 1600-0037 1600-0037 Ansmann Mini Keychain Light Ansmann 50.54 14.5
Ansmann 1600-0046 1600-0046 1600-0046 Ansmann Mini Stylus 2in1 Mini Touchscreen Stylus and LED Light Ansmann 70 13
Ansmann 1600-0080 1600-0080 Ansmann Universal Torch Holder 25-34mm Diameter Ansmann
Ansmann 5000023 5000023 5000023 Ansmann SF1 Mulitfunctional Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool With Light Ansmann 170 63
Ansmann 5001253 5001253 5001253 Ansmann Penlight Clip LED Ansmann 136 38
XTAR D02BLT D02BLT Extension tube for XTAR D02B for fitting a 2nd battery to increase runtime XTAR 80
XTAR D02WF D02WF White Filter for XTAR D02/D02B XTAR
XTAR PBC4 PBC4 XTAR battery carry case for 2 x 18500, 18650 or 18700 lithium ion LED torch batteries XTAR
Master PBC5 PBC5 Battery carry case for 2 x 16340 or 123A size LED torch batteries Master
Master PBC6 PBC6 Battery carry case for 2 x 18500 size LED torch batteries Master
XTAR TZRPS2 TZRPS2 Reinforced Remote Pressure Switch II for XTAR TZ series including TZ20, TZ55, TZ58 & TZ60 XTAR
XTAR TZWM TZWM Weapon Mount for XTAR TZ series including TZ20, TZ55, TZ58 & TZ60 XTAR
XTAR VI01 VI01 XTAR VI01 USB voltage and current reader XTAR
XTAR X-LUBE X-LUBE XTAR Silicone grease lubricant for torch seals, threads & O rings XTAR

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