Wind Turbine

Harnessing the power generated by wind is key in ensuring a sustainable future. 

Master Instruments has a wide range of products suitable to for use in these envirnoments with options to suit your budgetary, service life and performance criteria.

Image Model No
Description Brand
Drypower 12GB75C 12GB75C Drypower 12V 75Ah Sealed Lead Acid Hybrid Gel Deep Cycle Battery replaces 12 VF 70, C12-75DG, CBG12V70AH, LPG12-70H, LPCG12-70, LGK75-12N, OCB-80-12-Gel, DCG12-70, DG12-60, DG12-70S, DG12-75, GF12063Y0 Drypower GEL SLA 12 75Ah 170 202 260 24800
Drypower 12SB22C 12SB22C Drypower 12V 22Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery replaces BP17-12, BP20-12, EP17-12, EVP20-12, PS12180, GP12170, GP12200, HR1290W, HRL1280W, EVX12170, DM12-17, DM12-8, DMU12-15, DMU12-20, DMU12-26, CF-12V17, CF-12V18, HGL18-12, HGL20-12, FG21703, FG21803, 12FGH65, FGC21803, DC17-12, DC20-12, HGL18-12, CB12V18AH, CB12V20AH, CBC12V22AH, CBL6V18AH, CBX12V17AH, CBX12V18AH, CBX12V20AH, NPX80-12, NP18-12, LHM15-12, HF17-12A, HV17-12A, LP12-15, LP12-18, LP12-20, LPC12-18, LPL12-18, LPS12-18, LPX12-17, LPX12-18, LPX12-20, WP20-12IE, NPD12170, OCB-18-12, LC-RD1217P, LC-P1220P, LC-XC1221P, PB12/18, PDC12200, PS-12180, PS-12200, PSH-12180, PE12V17, PE12V18, RM12-17, RM12-18DC, RM12-20DCM, HR12-70W, HR12-75W, HR12-80W, HR12-88W, EV12-18, EV12-22, EV12-24, EV12-24B, RT12180, RT12200, CP12170 Drypower SLA 12 22Ah 76 167 181 6900
Drypower 12SB25WHR 12SB25WHR Drypower 12V 33W/Cell (10Min) Sealed Lead Acid Battery for Standby-UPS. Replaces 12FGH23, 12FGHL22, 12HX25, CBX12V5.4AH, DMU12-5, FP1250, HGL5-12, HR12-16W, HR12-18W, HR12-20W, HR12-22W, HR1221W, HR1221WF2, HRL1223W, HR1227W, NP5-12, NPH5-12, LPX12-5.4, NPX25-12, NPX-25T, LC-R125P1, PSH-1255FR, PSH1255F2-FR, PX12050, RBC29, RBC30, RBC39, RBC43, RBC45, RBC46, WP5-12SHR Drypower SLA 12 5Ah 70 101 90 1960
Drypower 12SB28TLAP 12SB28TLAP 12V 28Ah Drypower Long Life Standby AGM Battery - 6-9 Year Design Life Drypower SLA 12 28Ah 125.5 176 166 9180
Drypower 12SB50C 12SB50C Drypower 12V 50Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery replaces BP40-12, EP40-12, EVP44-12, PS12400, GP12400, GPL12400, EVX12400, DMU12-40, DMU12-44, HGL45-12, FGC24207, 12SP42, DC38-12., DC40-12, DC50-12B, CBC12V40AH, CBC12V50AH, CBL12V45AH, NP38-12, LP12-38, LP12-45, LPC12-38, LPL12-38, LPL12-45, LPS12-40, LPS12-50, LPX12-38, WP50-12NE, NPD12400, LC-P1242P, LC-XC1238P, LPC12/38, PB12/44, PDC-12400, PG-12V42, PS-12400, DC12-38C, DC12-40, EV12-45, RA12-38, RA12-38C, RA12-40, RA12-45, BAT412350080, JTT12V960 Drypower SLA 12 50Ah 166 171 199 15100
Drypower 12SB7.2P-F2 12SB7.2P-F2 Drypower 12V 7.2Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery replaces BP7.5-12, BP8-12, EP7-12, EVP7-12, PS1270L, GP1272, GPL1272, EVX1272, DM12-7.2, DM12-7.5, CF-12V7.2, HGL7.2-12, FG20722, DC7-12, CB12V7.5AH, CBC12V8.0AH, NP7-12, LP12-6.5, LP12-7.0, LP12-7.2, LP12-7.5, LP12-7.8, LP12-8.5, LPC12-7.2, LPC12-8.0, LPS12-7.5, WP7.2-12, LC-R127R2P1, PDC-1275, PE12V7.2, RM12-7.2DC, RT1272, RT1275, RT1280, RT1290, CP1270 Drypower SLA 12 7.2Ah 65 94 151 2400
Drypower 12SLR100DC 12SLR100DC Drypower 12V 100Ah Sealed Lead Acid Solar Power Battery Drypower SLA 12 100Ah 170 212 338 34500
Victron Energy BAT412800084 BAT412800084 Victron Energy 12V 90Ah (20HR) Cyclic AGM Type Lead Acid Battery BAT412800084 Victron Energy SLA 12 90Ah 167 183 350 23900
Panasonic LC-VA1212P1 LC-VA1212P1 LC-VA1212P1 (LC-RA1212P1) Panasonic Sealed Lead Acid Battery Panasonic SLA 12 12Ah 98 94 151 3900

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