Emergency Alert & Personal Safety Batteries

Image Model No
Description Chemistry
Original Brand
MI Battery Experts 837630 Adflo-REFURB 837630 Adflo-REFURB Battery Refurbishment for 3M Speedglas Adflo Welding Respirator System LiIon 10.8 3M
MI Battery Experts ARB-142-016 ARB-142-016 Medical Battery suitable for use with Ness Medi-Alarm Medical Alarm unit (100-105). NiMH 8.4 Ness
MI Battery Experts ARB-ZW-BAT21A ARB-ZW-BAT21A Battery for ZeroWire UltraSync Hub ZW-6400-AU Wireless Security Panel Alarm System NiMH 7.2 ZeroWire
MI Battery Experts IP-PR01170 IP-PR01170 Battery for Pureflo Full Face Respirator NiMH 4.8 Pureflo
MI Battery Experts IP-TESLA BLUSHIELD IP-TESLA BLUSHIELD Battery for BLUSHIELD Tesla Gold Mini Active EMF Protection Device LiMnO2 3 Blushield
MI Battery Experts PGB4 PGB4 Battery suitable for use with Blick Bodyguard and Blick Adept. Compatible with original battery models 151001000 & 3/GP25AAH. NiMH 3.6

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