Battery Fighter 3 Year Warranty

Mar 2016
Master Instruments is pleased to offer a 3 Year Warranty on Battery Fighter range of Lead Acid / Lithium Ion / Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chargers.

The 3 Year Warranty will apply to:
  • BCA Series Chargers
  • BFA Series Chargers
  • BFJ Series Chargers
  • BFM Series Chargers
  • BFP Series Chargers
  • BFS Series Chargers
  • BSC Series Chargers
  • BSE Series Chargers

The Battery Fighter brand is synonymous with intelligent battery charging and maintenance products, designed to provide users with exceptional quality, performance and reliability.
Such is the confidence in their range, they are offering the FULL 3 year warranty on all models across their 8 different series of chargers.

With charging solutions for all types of SLA, VRLA, Gel and Lithium batteries, Battery Fighter is a smart choice…

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