Water Management Battery Solutions

Aug 2021

With water being such a precious resource, effective water management is crucial to ensure efficient use and reduce wastage.

Irrigation gates, sluices and similar flow control infrastructure require batteries to provide power, and traditionally these have utilised lead acid battery technology.

The Enepower lithium LFBM-IIB range has been designed as a far more cost effective solution for this application.

3 self-contained Lithium Iron Phosphate battery modules feature an integrated BMS (Battery Management System) to ensure safe, consistent and reliable high power whilst providing  superior service life.

Enepower Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries outlast the Lead Acid equivalents in water utility and management type applications to reduce labour, replacement and maintenance costs, particularly as installation sites are typically in remote locations.

 Higher Energy efficiency for almost 100% usable capacity  

 Longer service life reduces replacement & maintenance costs
 Lightweight for easier handling & reduced transport costs 
 Wide operating temperature to endure fluctuations

 Rugged Aluminium case with stainless steel handles

 Integrated BMS to ensure safe operation


Each model comes in an aluminium case with stainless steel handles for easy handling. The batteries are also equipped with a WY24 connector capable of supplying 20A continuous to the load and include a precision temperature sensor (LM35) for external monitoring.

The LFBM-IIB range is available in 3 sizes to fit power and dimension requirements of existing systems.

Speak to the engineers at Master Instruments to find out more about how Enepower Lithium solutions can provide a better ROI for your application.


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