Enepower Portable IP67-rated Lithium Battery Range

Dec 2021

The universal LIBM-BLX series provides a compact, rugged and portable Lithium Ion battery capable of dealing with the elements.

Compact enough to power your bike lights, and rugged enough for long term deployment in remote applications such as motion sensor driven wildlife traps & surveillance.

Available in 7.2V, 10.8V and 14.4V models providing up to 5A maximum continuous discharge to provide the required power for a range of devices.

Fitted with universally compatible 2.1mm DC jack output, these batteries are a great & robust solution for many different applications.

While these batteries are protected in wet environments, including rain, please do not submerge in water for extended periods. Ensure the voltages are suitable for your device before installing the battery.



LED status indicators so you know when to recharge


PCM protection built in to protect both the battery and the device they’re fitted in against over charge, over discharge and short circuit protection


Long strain relief on output cable for durability


Lightweight, compact, and portable


Wide operating temperature range for most conditions


Robust case for outdoor use

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