17 Jan 2024

Cadex Spectro Modular

The Battery specialists at Cadex have delved into the world of AI with their new Spectro Modular handheld rapid battery tester.

The Spectro Modular utilises a non-invasive method called Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), provide the capacity, CCA and SoC of starter batteries.

Whilst EIS-based analysis has been around for decades, and usually housed in large & cumbersome wheeled cabinets, the interpretation had been quite a manual process. With the new AI based matrix system the Spectro Modular now puts all of those smarts into the palm of your hand.

Spectro Battery Tester ImageDesigned to be used in conjunction with a smart device or tablet (HOST) and through a WebApp called Cadex Link, the Spectro Modular assesses the battery SOH and displays the results on your device. And when used in conjunction with the optional Cloud Analytics services, enables users to track battery fleet performance to ascertain remaining useful life (RUL) to reduce downtime caused by battery sudden failure.

Featuring a 5Ah Lithium Ion internal battery, capable of up to 250 tests before requiring recharging, the Spectro Modular is perfect for mechanical workshops, battery retailers, vehicle fleet managers, and mobile service vehicles. The advanced capabilities also make this unit suitable for academic research labs, similar scientific entities or in manufacturing / quality control to check product consistency and much more.

Suitable to test: Flooded, Sealed, VRLA, AGM, GEL, EFB Sizes: 300 – 1250 CCA, and 55 – 250 (27-125Ah) RC
Lithium battery testing coming soon!

The Spectro Modular unit features:

  • Compact & robust design
  • Wireless connectivity to host devices via Bluetooth
  • Over the air firmware upgrade & device configuration
  • Test mode support for PDI, dealer warranty & aftermarket service drive / workshops
  • In-unit data storage: 1000 test results; cloud connectivity available for larger storage
  • Battery runtime: up to 250 tests per charge or 12 hours of continuous use

Entering the test parameters is done via the smart device (host), including the ability to enter customer details, vehicle identification numbers, battery serial numbers etc. And if you have a printer paired with your devices, hard copies can also be printed.

Test Results are displayed as:

  • Good Battery
  • Good battery – Recharge
  • Replace Battery (Poor RC)
  • Replace Battery ( Poor CCA)
  • Replace Battery (Poor RC+CCA)
  • Replace Battery (High Resistance Detected)
  • Charge and Re-test
  • Re-test after self-discharge (Surface Charge Detected

Test Range:

  • Capacity: 27–150Ah; Reserve Capacity (RC) 55–250 min.
  • CCA: 300–1200A CCA (IEC and SAE are interchangeable)
  • State-of-Charge in percent (%)
  • Build-in matrices (Matrices serve as reference tables)
  • Stores up to 1,000 test results

Test Time     Under 30 seconds; 1 min to 0.2Hz; 2 min to 0.1Hz

Operating Temp Range    -10℃ to +45℃


  • Unit: 2 Years from original purchase date
  • Cable & Clamp: 1 Year from original purchase date

Spectro KIT ImageComes with:

  • Spectro Modular Test Unit
  • Battery Charger
  • Test Cable & battery clamps

Click Here to view the Cadec Spectro Modular product page

Click Here to view the Operating Manual

Click Here to visit Spectro Modular on Cadex website


Sample Result Screenshot

Spectro Screenshot

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