08 Feb 2024

Sunman Solar Panels

Sunman Panels are finally here!

After a few unexpected logistical delays, the 100W, 175W and 215W frameless panels from Sunman have finally arrived.

The eArc series panels feature a wafer thin 2mm profile to provide a lightweight weight, flexible solution for use in a multitude of applications.

Being frameless and flexible, the Sunman panels are adhered to surfaces rather than mounted, meaning there is no surface penetration required, and no holes drilled. This make them ideal for mounting to many different surfaces such as Marine cabins and decks, golf carts, semi trailers, caravans, motorhomes and Ute canopies, and on flat and curved roof structures made from corrugated iron, concrete and PVC. 

The eArc series feature highly efficient Mono Perc cells contracted with Sunman's patented composite material to provide optimum solar yield. 

The daisy-chain connectivity also allows for easy system expansion.

If you're looking for an alternative to solid or rigid framed solar panels, check out the Sunman eArc range at Master Instruments.


Model # SMF100F -3X12UW SMF175M -4X09UW SMF215F -4X18UW SMF430F -12X12UW
Rated Power - Pmax (watts) 100W 175W 215W 430W
Max. Power Voltage VMP (V) 21.2V 19.5V 21.0V 42.0V
Max. Power Current IMP (A) 4.75A 8.98A 10.24A 10.24A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 25.2V 23.9V 24.9V 49.8V
Max. System Voltage 600VDC (IEC) 600VDC 600VDC 1500VDC
Module Efficiency 15.7% 17.30% 19.10% 19.30%
No of Cells 36 (3 x 12) 36 72 144
Length 1093mm 1504mm 1610mm 2054mm
Width 552mm 673mm 700mm 1084mm
Thickness 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm
Weight 2.1kg 3.0kg 3.8kg 6.3kg

Sunman Flyer ThumbnailClick here to view the Sunman product brochure

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