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Selling Unit EACH
Categories Sealed Lead Acid (SLA-VRLA) Batteries
SLA/AGM Backup & Main Power Batteries
SLA/AGM Standby Power Batteries
SLA/AGM Deep Cycle Power Batteries
SLA/AGM High Rate UPS Power Batteries
Drypower Cyclic Batteries
Description Drypower 12V 40Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery replaces BP40-12, EP40-12, EVP44-12, PS12400, GPL12400, GP12400, DMU12-40, DMU12-44, HGL45-12, FGC24207, 12SP42, DC38-12., DC40-12, DC50-12B, CBC12V40AH, CBC12V50AH, CBL12V38AH, CBX12V38AH, NPX150-12, NP38-12, LHM38-12, HF44-12, HV44-12, LP12-38, LP12-45, LPC12-38, LPL12-38, LPL12-45, LPS12-40, LPS12-50, LPX12-38, WP40-12, NPD12400, LC-P1242P, LC-XC1238P, LPC12/38, PB12/44, PDC-12400, PG-12V42, PS-12400, PE12V40A, RM12-40, DC12-38C, DC12-40, HR12-150W, RA12-38, RA12-38C, RA12-40, RA12-45, BAT412350080, HF12-211, 6FM40, NP38-12
Application Backup and Main Power Cyclic Use
Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Voltage 12V
Watt Hour 480Wh
Watts Per Cell 216W
Nominal Capacity 40Ah
Termination F8 (M6 Bolt)
Width 166mm
Height 171mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 198mm
Weight 13400g
Outer Quantity 1

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