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Categories Golf Buggy & Mobility Scooter Batteries
Sealed Lead Acid (SLA-VRLA) Batteries
SLA/AGM Backup & Main Power Batteries
SLA/AGM Standby Power Batteries
SLA/AGM Deep Cycle Power Batteries
SLA/AGM High Rate UPS Power Batteries
Drypower Cyclic Batteries
Description Drypower 12V 65Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery replaces BP65-12, EP65-12, EVP70-12, PS12650, EVX12650, GP12650, DMU12-60, DMU12-65, HGL65-12, DC65-12A, CBL12V65AH, CBL12V70AH, CBX12V65AH, NP65-12, HZB12-70JF, LHM65-12, LP12-65, LP12-70, LPL12-60, LPL12-65, LPX12-65, WP65-12B, NPD12700, PB12/65, PG-12V65, RM12-65, RM12-65DC, DC12-65, DC12-65C, DC12-80, DC12-80C, HR12-240W, HS12-240W, HSD12-65, HSD12-80, RA12-65, RA12-65C, RA12-70, RA12-80, RA12-80C, 6FM65, NP65-12
Application Backup and Main Power Cyclic Use
Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Voltage 12V
Watt Hour 780Wh
Nominal Capacity 65Ah
Termination F8 (M6 Bolt)
Width 166mm
Height 174mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 350mm
Weight 23300g
Outer Quantity 1

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