Product Details

Model No
Selling Unit EACH
Categories USB Charger Leads
Phone-Game-GPS-PDA-Media Player-Tablet Chargers
Description USB Charger/Data Cable suitable for Apple devices using the Lightning(r) connector (bulk packaged)
Termination Connector
Length/Breadth/Depth 1000mm
Weight 28g
Suitable For:
Apple A1421
Apple A1429
Apple A1432
Apple A1446
Apple A1454
Apple A1455
Apple A1458
Apple A1459
Apple A1460
Apple A1522
Apple A1524
Apple A1549
Apple A1586
Apple iPad 4
Apple iPad Mini
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5C
Apple iPhone 5S
Apple iPhone 6
Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Apple iPod Nano 7
Apple iPod Touch 5
Apple MC903LL/A
Apple MC904LL/A
Apple MD297B/A
Apple MD298B/A
Apple MD299B/A
Apple MD300B/A
Apple MD475LL/A
Apple MD477LL/A
Apple MD478LL/A
Apple MD479LL/A
Apple MD480LL/A
Apple MD481LL/A
Apple MD510LL/A
Apple MD511LL/A
Apple MD512LL/A
Apple MD513LL/A
Apple MD514LL/A
Apple MD515LL/A
Apple MD516LL/A
Apple MD517LL/A
Apple MD518LL/A
Apple MD519LL/A
Apple MD520LL/A
Apple MD521LL/A
Apple MD522LL/A
Apple MD523LL/A
Apple MD524LL/A
Apple MD525LL/A
Apple MD526LL/A
Apple MD527LL/A
Apple MD528LL/A
Apple MD529LL/A
Apple MD530LL/A
Apple MD531LL/A
Apple MD532LL/A
Apple MD533LL/A
Apple MD534LL/A
Apple MD535LL/A
Apple MD536LL/A
Apple MD537LL/A
Apple MD538LL/A
Apple MD539LL/A
Apple MD540LL/A
Apple MD541LL/A
Apple MD542LL/A
Apple MD543LL/A
Apple MD544LL/A
Apple MD545LL/A
Apple MD662B/A
Apple MD663B/A
Apple MD705LL/A
Apple MD714LL/A
Apple MD715LL/A
Apple MD717LL/A
Apple MD718LL/A
Apple MD720LL/A
Apple MD721LL/A
Apple MD723LL/A
Apple MD724LL/A
Apple MD744LL/A
Apple MD749LL/A
Apple ME195LL/A
Apple ME196LL/A
Apple ME197LL/A
Apple ME198LL/A
Apple ME199LL/A
Apple ME200LL/A
Apple ME215LL/A
Apple ME216LL/A
Apple ME217LL/A
Apple ME218LL/A
Apple ME219LL/A
Apple ME220LL/A

This item is bulk packed in a plastic bag. Also available in consumer packaging .

This is an MFi cable.

The charge/data cable listed on this page is manufactured using licensed components compatible with Apple® branded products using a USB to Lightning connector.

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