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Categories Portable Power Product
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Lithium Ion/Polymer Chargers
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NiCd-NiMH Industrial Battery Chargers
Description 27.6VDC 1.26A (35W max.) AC-DC desktop 24V Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger (Can be factory programmed to be suitable for LiIon, NiMH and Lead Acid batteries - MOQ & Lead-Time may apply for non SLA charger versions).
Width 53mm
Height 31.5mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 117mm
Weight 232g

FCA035-S24-4 27.6VDC 1.26A 35W max. AC-DC desktop battery charger suitable for 24V Sealed Lead Acid and GEL based VRLA / AGM battery types.

Constant voltage + constant current (CV/CC) mode design. 


  • Input: 90-264VAC worldwide voltage via C13/C14 IEC320 Lead & Socket (Included). 
  • Efficiency: 84% @ full load.
  • Output voltage: 27.6VDC (Can be ordered from the OEM as Programmable between 21-29VDC).
  • Output current: 1.26A (35W max).
  • Output termination: DC barrel jack 2.1mm.
  • Output cable length: 1.2m
  • Dual colour LED charging indicator.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Overload protection.
  • Over voltage protection.
  • Over current protection.
  • Backfeed protection.
Extra Connector Adaptor:  For optional connector adaptors, see CC33-280 (female 2.1mm DC plug to alligator clips),CC34-250 (female 2.1mm DC plug to female 6.35mm dual spade terminals) or CC35-1800 (female 2.1mm DC plug to low volt spanner connectors). These Output Connector adaptors are sold separately.
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