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Categories Portable Power Product
Battery Chargers / Analysers / Testers
Battery Analysers and Testers
West Mountain Radio Battery Analysers
West Mountain Radio
Battery Analysers
Description CBA IV PRO West Mountain Radio Computerised Battery Analyser + Software calibration data and extra features
Width 71mm
Height 89mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 91.4mm
Weight 454g

This package comes supplied with:

  • CBA IV PRO unit
  • 150mm Pigtail adaptor
  • CBA Standard Software CD
  • 1800mm USB Cable
  • 40A Fuse
  • User Manual
  • Calibration Data
  • 1 yr limited commercial use warranty
  • 1 yr limited home use warranty

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The CBA IV PRO is a computerised battery analyser capable of scientifically and accurately analysing any type of battery from coin cells to automotive batteries. Calibrated and tested to accuracy levels of <1% Amp load, <0.5% Volts.


  • True constant current battery capacity test with results graphically displayed, constant power testing supported with Extended software upgrade
  • Discharge current is software and electronically regulated using a solid state switch and fan cooled electronic load
  • Test any type of battery with presets for NiCd, NiMH, Lead Acid, LiIon, LiPo, Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Mercury and other battery chemistries.
  • Solar cell profiling capability - the ability to sweep the solar panel, by varying the load, to see how the panel reacts.
  • Lower current testing capabilities - down to 10 mA
  • Tests quickly at real world load conditions, up to 150 watts or 40 amps maximum, whichever is higher.
  • High voltage testing at up to 55 volts; the equivalent of 1 to 38 NiCd or NiMH cells.
  • Optional 500 watt and 1000 watt amplifiers.
  • On-board computer performs accurate measurement with 12 bit effective resolution. Auto ranging for 2 current ranges and three voltages.
  • Each CBA is individually calibrated with a computerized calibration system.
  • Fail safe: automatic protection of temperature, current and power.
  • Safety watchdog stops a discharge in the event of a computer crash.
  • Discharge test current user selectable from 0 to 40 Amps
  • Automatic voltage shut off at end of test using a software recommended or user selected safe discharge voltage
  • Automatic over-temperature shut off at end of test at using a software recommended or user selected maximum temperature with optional external magnetic temperature sensor.
  • User selected battery cell chemistry, number of cells and test current
  • Software recommends safe tests based on user supplied battery information
  • Automatic graph setup and scaling
  • Measures and displays voltage, current, amp-hrs, watts and temperature (Requires optional temperature probe and extended software)
  • Easy overlay comparisons of multiple graphs may be displayed saved and recalled
  • Save, display and print battery test graphs and battery labels
  • Plug and Play high speed USB interface, with easy to use and intuitive Windows® software supplied on CD ROM


 One model for all testing ranges  
 Maximum cont. discharge rate: 100 Watts
 Maximum limited term discharge rate with < 3500 ma-hour battery: 125 Watts
 Maximum limited term discharge rate with < 1000 ma-hour battery: 150 Watts
 0-3 amp accuracy: typically better than ±10mA
 3-40 amp accuracy: typically better than ±45mA
 0-5 volt accuracy: typically better than ±0.005V
 5-15 volt accuracy: typically better than ±0.01V
 10-60 volt accuracy: typically better than ±0.05V
 Maximum operating voltage: 55 Volts (48V Lead Acid Telecom supported)
 Maximum discharge rate: 40 amps (Battery dependent, 100 watt continuous)
 Minimum discharge voltage to maintain 30 amps: 0.9Volts (Battery dependent)
 Minimum Voltage for a 40 amp discharge: 2 volts at completion of test (Battery dependant)
 Minimum discharge rate: 0.01 Amps
 Residual current drain, battery connected while not in use: < 0.003 Amps @ 12V
 High performance micro controller with built in USB interface and 12 bit A/D conversion.
 USB powered; the CBA does not use the battery being tested to run the CBA or the fan.
 System ready and Test in progress LED indicators, viewable from across a room.
 CBA internal over temperature sensing and protection.
 Graph printing on any standard color or B&W printer.
 Battery test label printing on standard 05160 stick-on labels.


Click here to view the CBA IV vs CBA IV Pro Information sheet

Optional Accessories:

The CBA IV PRO comes with powerpole to powerpole connection only. For use with other types of connectors, we recommend using CC20PP-150 to convert connector type to Deans style T-Plug, thus making the CBA IV PRO now compatible with the following output plugs (each sold separately):

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