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Description Super PWRgate PG40S West Mountain Radio 12 Volt Backup Power System
Width 133.35mm
Height 41.91mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 99.06mm
Weight 400g

A Super PWRgate is a 12 V uninterruptible power system that can supply up to 40 A continuously from either a Power Supply or a Battery with very low loss, and can also charge the battery with its high performance charger. 

The Super PWRgate PG40S is essentilly a robust 12 Volt backup power system rated at 40 amperes continuous from either a power supply or a battery. It eliminates the danger of connecting a power supply directly across a battery, which can damage many power supplies.

The PG40S connects a battery and a power supply to a load, while electrically isolating both the battery and the supply from each other. Whenever the power supply is on, the supply feeds the load. It also charges the battery with a high current four-state safe battery charger. Whenever the power supply is off, the battery will feed the load. If either the power supply or the battery is malfunctioning, neither draws current from the other. The switching is instantaneous. 


  • Built-in four-stage battery charger with selectable current rates of 1, 4, 7 or 10 amperes.
  • Connected equipment will instantly switch to battery during a power blackout or power supply failure.
  • Uses two 80 ampere Schottky diodes as an OR-Gate to isolate the battery and power supply from each other.
  • Low loss PWRgate provides forward voltage drop of less than 0.3 volts at 20 A and 0.37 volts at 40 A.
  • Optimised for use with GELLED & AGM type batteries, but will keep flooded lead acid and marine type batteries near full charge as well.
  • Solid, durable construction in an aluminium case with heat sink. Includes mounting holes for convenient and secure use in mobile units.
  • Uses Anderson Powerpole® connectors.
  • Maximum Voltage: 18 Volts DC
  • Maximum Current: 40 Amperes
  • Circuit: Diode OR-Gate
  • Diodes: Two Schottky 80 Ampere, 20 Volt
  • Voltage Drop: 
    • 0.25 Vdc at 1 Ampere
    • 0.37 Vdc at 40 Ampere
  • Charging Circuit: 
    • Smart, linear charger
    • Fuse switched for 1,4,7 or 10 Amperes (±5%) maximum
    • Peak voltage limit: 13.8 (Gelled), 14.2 (AGM),(±2%)
    • Peak voltage limit set via internal jumper to GELLED or AGM
    • Peak voltage terminate point: 0.1 Maximum current
    • Float Voltage: 13.5 volts (±2%)
  • LEDs: 
    • Green - Indicates charger is "ON"
    • Red - Indicates peak "PK" charge voltage
    • Yellow - Indicates Float "FL" voltage
  • Connectors: Anderson Powerpoles®, 40A
  • Mounting Holes for #8 hardware

The Super PWRgate PG40S comes with:

  • Super PWRgate PG40S unit
  • (4) Rubber Feet
  • User Manual
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