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Description AC-DC 12V 40A power supply and fully automatic 4 stage battery charger adjustable for all types of lead acid batteries
Voltage 12V
Size 40A
Width 145mm
Height 80mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 280mm
Weight 1700g

The Motormate BC series of chassis mountable compact AC-DC power supplies/battery chargers use the latest switch mode technology providing fully automatic battery charger suitable for all lead acid battery technologies - SLA, AGM, Gel, Flooded Wet Cell and Calcium. The input and output are completely isolated. The device can also be used as a power supply to run electronic devices constantly.

The BC-01240SCT is a fully automatic charger with overcharge protection with selectable boost/absorbtion charge voltages @ 40amps of 14.2V, 14.6V or 14.8V that drops to 13.2V, 13.5V or 13.8V in a reduced current float charge mode. Also features a thermal control cooling fan with autostart and a 4 colour LED charge mode display.

In power supply mode the output is 40 amps with voltage being selectable at 13.2V, 13.5V or 13.8V

Other models are available within the BC series with outputs suitable for 12VDC or 24VDC.

Featuring a tough anodized aluminium case with mounting cover and a wide range operating temperature, overload and short circuit protection with LED indication.

Click the datasheet link below for full information and specifications.

BLT and cables

Optional Accessories

A range of bootlace terminal pins and insulated silicon cables are also available for purchase for connection to this charger and others in the range.

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