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Model No
Selling Unit EACH
Categories Battery Engineering Tools
Crimpers & Cutters
Description Engineer Inc PA-05 Wire Stripper and Crimp Tool for thin wire.
Width 50mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 210mm

The PA-05 pro wire strippers from Engineer Inc. are made in Japan and extremely high quality. Use to easily remove insulation from thin diameter wires without deformation.

The PA-05 is a wire stripper (stranded AWG30->AWG18 & Solid core AWG28->AWG16) but also comes with integral crimping dies to allow crimping of some of the Molex, JST etc mini crimp connector types.


  • Strips both solid & stranded wires (stranded AWG30->AWG18 & solid core AWG28->AWG16)
  • No damage or deformation to the core conductor wire when stripping insulation (unlike many auto type strippers)
  • Extremely neat finish to stripped insulation (i.e. very sharp & precise carbon steel jaws)
  • Oil-resistant Elastomer (TPR) handle grips (a delight to hold & use)
  • Spring loaded for easy operation and latches shut for storage.
  • Set-pin prevents the strippers from loosening and allows for easy maintenance
  • Made from S55C Carbon Steel in Japan

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