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Description Drypower 12.8V 30Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Rechargeable Lithium Battery and Charger Kit
Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate
Voltage 12.8V
Watt Hour 384Wh
Nominal Capacity 30Ah
Typical Capacity 30Ah
Maximum Continuous
Discharge Current
Termination M8 Bolt
Width 175mm
Height 112mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 175mm
Weight 3900g

This Kit includes CC40-300 powerpole to female DC connector and FY1506000 charger.


Click here to download Drypower Lithium Golf A4 Flyer



Click the links for the downloadable 2016 Drypower Lithium Catalogue and the Drypower Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

CAUTION: A dedicated Lithium Iron Phosphate charger is required. Do not use non appropriate chargers or chargers used for other battery chemistries.

You can also use the Smart chargers from Victron Energy such as:

  • VECIP65-12/15   14.4V 15A/8A Selectable, Automatic & Bluetooth Enabled


PLEASE NOTE many sellers new to the lithium battery industry are claiming lithium iron phosphate batteries can be properly charged with lead battery chargers. This is incorrect. Please use chargers specifically designed for charging lithium iron phosphate batteries or batteries may not fully charge and/or battery life may be significantly reduced.

Additionally, this battery contains a lithium ion battery protection circuit module (PCM). The PCM further enhances the safe usage of this battery in comparison to non-protected rechargeable lithium batteries. We recommend when this battery is used in multiple packs for series or parallel connections that individual chargers are used for each battery. Charging multiple battery arrays as a single battery pack may trigger the PCM inside one or more of the batteries that could lead to capacity miss-match in the array that could reduce performance of the complete battery pack array. Please consult us for further information and technical advice.

Shipping restrictions


This lithium based product is classified as Class 9 DG (UN3480) where it contains more than 20Wh/cell or 100Wh/pack (Lithium Ion) and therefore cannot be sent by airfreight.

Transport via ROAD or SEA FREIGHT ONLY for this product.

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