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Categories Portable Power Product
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LiIon-LiFePO4 Assembly Kits
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Description Tyva MODULOO Busbar 30A Vertical Connecting Bridge
Application Battery Assembly

The Tyva MODULOO is an innovative battery holder system that makes Lithium Ion (LiIon) or Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) custom battery pack assembly convenient and easy.

Tyva MODULOO packs are a battery assembly housing solution to build custom packs that do not require gluing or welding so they are quick and easy to assemble as a single pack. A number of single packs can then be connected to each other horizontally or vertically with a series of busbars to make larger packs which means users can quickly and easily scale up or down as required at any time.

MODULOO ready made kits are available in three configurations to suit most common applications: 1S8P, 4S2P and 8S1P with a range of spare parts including screws, busbars and assembly tools available where required (spare parts sold separately).

The Tyva MODULOO features:

  • Free shape
  • Safe and robust
  • Cells replacement capability
  • Integrated air cooling
  • 18650 cells integration platform
  • For small to large scale battery assemblies (Wh to MWh)
  • Free configuration (voltage, capacity, power)
  • Full compatibilty with all BMS technologies

The ability to choose the type of 18650 Lithium Ion (LiIon) or Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells that go into each pack allows users choice in chemistry, capacities, cell characteristics and performance rating. The MODULOO is reusable, so the same module could be refilled with a range of 18650 LiIon/LiFePO4 cells and used in a variety of applications (Note: the same cells must be used within the module at any one time). See the links below for MI's range of suitable cells and PCMs.

Making your LiIon/LiFePO4 battery pack easily repairable and refillable helps to save time and money. Once the batteries reach the end of their service life, simply remove the MODULOO top (held together with screws, not glue) and replace them with new cells and the pack is ready to use again - reducing your overall cost of ownership and reducing your down time.

The Tyva MODULOO system is currently used in applications such as:

  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Laboratories
  • R&D centers
  • Robots & Drones
  • Street lighting
  • Aircraft
  • Rapidly made prototypes
  • Stationary applications

The Tyva MODULOO provides housing and spring load connection only. To view our range of cells and PCMs suitable for use with the Tyva MODULOO system, please view the following links:

Watch the video to see the Tyva MODULOO in action!

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