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Selling Unit EACH
Categories Power Products & Accessories
Battery Management & Monitoring
MG Energy
MG Energy Distributors
Description WakeSpeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator with CAN-Bus for 12V to 48V Charging Systems
Original Brand Wakespeed
Termination CAN / Wiring Harness / USB
Width 100mm
Height 60mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 190mm
Weight 750g

The WakeSpeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator is the first of its kind to determine battery charge state by factoring battery voltage, amps-in and amps-out, and alternator and battery temperature – and the first regulator on the market to communicate with engine and battery BMS systems via CAN communication.

Battery Compatibility:
Suitable for all Lead and Lithium based batteries including BMS compatibility to MG Energy & Victron Can Bus managed systems.

Charge Control:

The WS500 utilizes data such as battery voltage, battery temperature, alternator temperature and current to make charging decisions for all 12V, 24V & 48 Volt battery systems. This results in a far more predictable charging result, similar to what you would see from a Premium AC charger.
Configuration is via:

  • on board Dip Switches; or
  • PC software which allows over 100 user definable controls*

*For LiFePO4 and other charge-sensitive batteries, this is a perfect solution, as it allows you to configure each individual phase in a charge profile.

Dual Engine Support:

Synchronisation of charge profiles from multiple units is as simple as connecting the CAN ports by an RJ45 cable. This ensures they communicate between each other to charge the battery system in the most efficient way possible.

Zero Output:
This allows the regulators to monitor the current shunt and reduce the alternator output to match the house loads once the batteries are charged. This is a really important feature for batteries that, once charged, should be left alone and not constantly discharged.

Adaptive Idle:

Adaptive Idle minimizes the impact of the alternator on smaller engines by controlling alternator loads based on engine rpm. This feature allows you to set an RPM level for when the load should be increased on the alternator, and a weight for how quickly it should be increased.
For smaller engined boats such as a sailboat, this feature will be critical, and result in good engine performance while close quarters manoeuvring, while still taking advantage of higher RPMs while out on the water.

Computer Configuration:

Configuration and monitoring is via a USB port, A standard USB port on a PC provides the regulator with power so you can configure it ahead of final install.

Optional Wiring Harness for either N-Type or P-Type polarity Allternators:
The WS500 can be used with different polarity alternators by selecting the appropriate N-Type or P-Type regulator wiring harness(*see below).
Wiring harnesses are equipped with high-quality Ampseal connectors and provide all connections for basic operation, as well as dedicated connection wires for voltage and current sensing.

 Wiring Harnesses & Temp. Sensor Cable:
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WS500/PH - P-Type Wiring Harness Click to View
WS500/NH - N-Type Wiring Harness Click to View
WS500-BT-K - Temp. Sensor Cable

See the Wakespeed Technical page or datasheets below for more information.

The Wakespeed® Offshore WS500 voltage regulator is built in the U.S.A. and features an industry-leading two-year limited warranty.


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