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100W TSB003 Series
Description 100W Pre-Programmed Charger for Lithium Ion Batteries of 1 to 12 cells (3.6V - 44.4V)
Chemistry Lithium Ion (LiIon)
Voltage 3.6-44.4V
Width 61mm
Height 14.5mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 80mm
Weight 60g

The Turtle TSB003 charger series is an external battery charger platform suitable for all rechargeable battery chemistries.

This TSB003-NCM is custom programmed by our engineers to suit your specific design requirements for Lithium Ion (LiIon) batteries.

Available in 4 formats:

  • PCB Only: for use within your equipment/device
  • Enclosure: for external use
  • DIN Rail: Vertical Mount - Suitable for Top hat IEC/EN60715 & G section rail types
  • DIN Rail: Horizontal Mount - Suitable for Top hat IEC/EN60715 & G section rail types

Pre-programming includes:

  • functions setting
  • charging current & voltage
  • constant current
  • constant voltage
  • pre-conditioning
  • float charging
  • charge termination methods and setting

Input and output cabling and connector options for all international markets are available upon request.

General Specifications:
 Input Voltage 10-75 VDC
 Output Voltage
 3.6-44.4V for packs up to 12 cells in series
 Output Current
 5A max.
 Voltage Accuracy
 Voltage Limit
 4.20V ± 1% per cell
 Current Accuracy <5%
 Tolerance on Timing
 Internal Temp. Acc. <1°C 
 External Temp. Acc. <1%, Resolution 0.01°C








For more information about the Turtle charger platform, or to discuss your specific LiFePO4 Charging requirements, please contact [email protected]

Datasheet for the TSB003-NCM is available below:

Click here to view the TSB003 Range Overview

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