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Description Blue Smart IP67 SLA/LiFePO4 Waterproof Charger 12V 25A BPC122547016
Original Brand Victron Energy BPC122547016
Voltage 12V
Size 25A
Width 65mm
Height 99mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 219mm
Weight 2400g

Bluetooth setup and monitoring (Using VictronConnect)

Easily setup, monitor or update the charger firmware using the VictronConnect app and a Bluetooth enabled device (such as a mobile phone or tablet).

Multi-stage charge algorithm

The multi-stage charge algorithm is specifically engineered to optimise each recharge cycle and charge maintenance over extended periods.

Adaptive absorption

Adaptive absorption monitors the battery’s response during initial charging and intelligently determines the appropriate absorption duration for each individual charge cycle.   This ensures that the battery is fully recharged regardless of the discharge level or capacity and avoids excessive time at the elevated absorption voltage (that can accelerate battery aging).

Temperature compensation

Charge voltage is automatically compensated depending on the ambient temperate; this ensures that the battery is charged at the optimal charge voltage regardless of the climate and avoids the need for manual settings adjustments.

Temperature compensation is not required and automatically disabled when in LI-ION charge mode.

High efficiency

The blue smart charger range is up to ~95% efficient; resulting in lower power usage, less heat generated and cooler operation.

Durable and safe

  • Engineered to provide years of trouble-free and dependable operation in all usage conditions
  • Protection against overheating: output current will be reduced if the charger temperature increases to 50°C
  • Protection against short circuit: If a short circuit condition is detected the charger will immediately shut down
  • Protection against reverse polarity connection: If the charger is incorrectly connected to a battery with reverse polarity the user replaceable fuse will blow (except for the 12/25 model, which has a non-replaceable internal fuse)
  • Protection against ingress of dust and water/liquid

Silent operation

Charger operation is totally silent: there is no cooling fan or moving parts.

Lithium Ion compatible

Compatible with Li-ion (LiFePO₄) batteries; when the integrated LI-ION charge mode is selected the charge cycle settings are altered to suit. If the charger is connected to a battery where under voltage protection (UVP) has tripped, the blue smart charger range will automatically reset UVP and start charging; many other chargers will not recognise a battery in this state.

Warning: Never charge a Li-ion battery when its temperature is below 0°C.

Storage stage

An additional stage to extend battery life whilst the battery is unused and on continuous charge.

Recondition stage

An optional stage that can partially recover/reverse lead acid battery degradation due to sulfation; typically caused by inadequate charging or if the battery is left in a deeply discharged state.

Low current mode

An optional mode that limits the maximum charge current to a significantly reduced level; recommended when charging lower capacity batteries with a high current charger.

Recovery function

The blue smart charger range will attempt to recharge a severely discharged battery (even down to 0V) with low current and then resume normal charging once the battery voltage has risen sufficiently - many other chargers will not recognise a battery in this state.

Power supply mode

A specific mode to use the charger as a DC power supply; to power equipment at a constant voltage with or without a battery connected.


Replaces previous model BPC122513016 (64900-216)

VictronConnect Compatible:

VictronConnect lets you get live status information and configure any Victron products which either have Bluetooth built in, or are connected to a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle, or a VE.Direct to USB Interface

Find out more about VictronConnect here, or download the App via these links. Click here to download the VictronConnect Manual

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