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Description Black Indoor Open Cabinet HV Rack for up to 7 x H48050 or 7 x US2000 Series 19" Units
Width 600mm
Height 1300mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 505mm

Click here to view the CEC approved PowerCube X1 models

Pylontech PowerCube X1 Rack suitable for up to 7 battery modules and BMS Controller


Compatible Battery Modules
 H48050 - 48V 50Ah 2.4kWh High Voltage Battery Module suitable for Pylontech PowerCube series
 US2000 - 48V 50Ah 2400Wh 15S2P LiFePO4 Battery 19" Rack Mount Metal Enclosure + Cables
Compatible BMS
 SC0500-100S - BMS Controller for 3-7 High Voltage Battery Modules used with the PowerCube X1 Series
   MBMS - Master BMS Controller Hub For Parallel connection of multiple PowerCube High Voltage Battery Banks


PowerCube-X1 is a high voltage battery storage system, based on lithium iron phosphate battery, is one of new energy storage products developed and produced by Pylontech. It can be used to provide reliable power for various types of equipment and systems. PowerCube-X1 is especially suitable for applications requiring high power & long cycle life, where limited installation space is available

PowerCube-X1 has 3 levels BMS (battery management system), which can manage and monitor cell information including voltage, current and temperature. What's more, BMS can balance cells charging and discharging to extend cycle life. Multiple batteries can connected in parallel to expand capacity and power in parallel for larger capacity and longer power supporting duration requirements.

Features & Benefits of the PowerCube ESS:

  • Vertical industry integration chain
  • Modular Design with differentdensity for all applications
  • Flexible Voltage range from 100Vdc to 1000Vdc
  • 3 Levels of battery management to provide the ultimate reliability and control
  • Rack Mounted or Container based systems available
  • Safety Cert. CE,TüV, UL, RoHS, UN38.3, IEC62619, IEC62040, IEC62477, IEC61000-6-2,IEC61000-3
  • Clean Energy Council Approved models available (CEC)

Warranty: The PowerCube comes with a standard warranty of TEN (10) years.



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