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Selling Unit EACH
Categories Power Products & Accessories
Power Acessories, Adaptors and Adaptor Leads
Battery Management & Monitoring
Phoenix Charger Range
Description Victron Energy Transfer Switch 5KVA, 1ph, 200-250Vac COS230502100
Original Brand Victron Energy COS230502100
Width 215mm
Height 175mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 120mm

The VE Transfer Switch automatically switches between different power sources: between a generator and shore power, between an inverter and a generator or between an inverter and shore power.

The VE Transfer Switch has two inputs and one output, it automatically transfers the available AC power to the output.

The Transfer Switch is situated between a generator or shore power & the Inverter. If the voltage level or the frequency of the generator or shore power varies (Input 1), then the Transfer Switch switches to the Inverter (Input 2). Once the generator or shore power has remained continuously stable, the transfer Switch switches back (input 1) with a delay of approximately 10 seconds. This way, appliances are protected against damage from voltage drops. During transfer between one of the power sources (input1 or input 2), the appliances are not supplied with power for a short time. Because of this , computers, electronic devices etc. connected to this group might lose data. the Transfer Switch can be used with any type of inverter but the best results are obtained with an inverter from Victron Energy.

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Also Available in 10KVA size - click to view



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