Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

Now in its 3rd generation of ownership, Master Instruments continues to specialise in the manufacture, importation & distribution of batteries, battery packs & associated equipment such as battery chargers, analysers & power products, for both the consumer & industrial sectors.

Our Products

Our Products

From consumer focused AA batteries to replacement mobile or laptop batteries; or an in-house manufactured medical equipment battery to fully customised battery solutions for mining or defence projects, we.ll have a suitable solution for you.

Retail & Wholesale Support

Retail & Wholesale Support

With over 8000 stocked lines covering a multitude of applications and fitments, MI can support your retail or wholesale business by providing fast and efficient service and quality products. Our strength is our ability to efficiently cater to all size orders.

Custom & Industrial Battery Solutions

Custom & Industrial Battery Solutions

With in-house & offshore manufacturing capabilities specialising in all primary and rechargeable technologies, we have proven results in industries such as mining, medical, defence and more.

Batteries By Application Use

Explore by product category, application or intended use

Batteries By Chemistry

Find your battery by chemistry type both rechargeable & primary

Battery Chargers

Chargers for batteries and electronic devices

Battery Analysers

View our range of battery testers & analysers

Battery Assembly

Custom battery pack assembly provision

Industry Solutions

Explore our capabilities to supply your industry need

Power Products

For all your AC & DC power supplies, UPS, solar power distribution

Battery Parts & Holders

Battery assembly components, parts, leads & connectors

Test & Measurement

Digital test & measurement, telco equipment analogue meters & shunts

Torches & Flashlights

LED & standard torches, flashlight & exit light batteries

Products by brand

Search our massive range by product brand name

Battery Knowledge

Click here for the technical information section

Featured Products

New Fujitsu Chargers

The Fujitsu Quick and Overnight chargers are finally here featuring Japanese made 2100 Cycle LSD cells! Click Here

Engineer Inc Tools

From tinkerers to tradies, Engineer Inc has the right tools for you. Click Here

Quick Charge 2.0 Powerbank

The Enecharger UEB-10 is 8Ah of Pokemon catching power with super fast charging Click Here

Motion Sensor LED Nightlight

This amazing motion sensored LED Nightlight from Ansmann is a great idea for around the home. Click Here

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