Management Team

Executive Management Team

John Dunn - Group Chairman

Philip Dunn (B.Com) - Managing Director

Rodney Dunn - General Manager

(Charles Cupit BCA  - Corporate Advisor to Board of Directors)


Management Team

Mark Beamish – State Manager (WA)

Debra Beukes – Operations & Procurement Manager (WA)

James Bloemen – State Manager (VIC)

Andrew Brett – National Account Manager (QLD)

Albert Cerbara - Warehouse Manager (NSW)

David Erdmann – Marketing Manager (QLD)

Robert Hoehne – Battery Engineering Manager (NSW)

Steve Lipari – Operations & Local Procurement Manager (NSW)

Geoff Schaper – Battery Products Manager

Ian Strevens – Quality & Compliance Manager

Paul Teague - Sales Manager

Katrina Trinh – Financial Controller

Susan Yao – Import Procurement Manager



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