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MI Battery Experts ARB-2422-526-00193 ARB-2422-526-00193 Battery for Philips Pronto TSU-9200, Pronto TSU9200/37 LiIon 3.7 1.05Ah Philips Pronto TSU-9200, Pronto TSU9200/37, TSU9200, TSU920037,Philips 2422 526 00193 Philips
MI Battery Experts ARB-308-10029-01-BP1 ARB-308-10029-01-BP1 7.4V 2200mAh LiIon battery suitable for Arlo/Netgear Pro & Pro 2 Security Cameras LiIon 7.4 2.2Ah Netgear/Arlo Pro, Pro 2, VMC4030, VMS3230,Netgear/Arlo 308-10029-01, 308-10047-01,A-1, A-1B Netgear Arlo
MI Battery Experts ARB-308-10069-01-BP1 ARB-308-10069-01-BP1 Battery suitable for Arlo/Netgear Ultra & Ultra 4k Security Cameras LiIon 3.85 5.2Ah Netgear Arlo
MI Battery Experts ARB-310420050971 ARB-310420050971 Battery for Philips Pronto DS1000 and other remote control models NiMH 4.8 1.7Ah Marantz TS5000/02, Philips Pronto DS1000 / TS1000 / RC5000 / RC5000i / TSU2000,Philips 3104 200 50971 Marantz, Philips
MI Battery Experts ARB-310420051271 ARB-310420051271 Battery for universal remote controls NiMH 4.8 730mAh

Battery suitable for use with Marantz RC5200, RC5400, RC9200, RC9500, TS5200, TSU3000, TSU3500, TSU6000, TSU7000, TSU7500 and Philips Pronto RU950, Pronto RU960, Pronto RU970, Pronto RU980, Pronto RU990 Universal Remotes.

Compatible with original battery models Marantz 8100 911 02101 and Philips 2422 526 00148, 310420051271, TSU3500117, HHR-60AAA/F4 batteries.

Termination: This battery uses connector CE022E  

Ensure this is the correct connector for your application. Follow the links for detailed connector drawings. 


Marantz, Philips
MI Battery Experts ARB-ATB1200 ARB-ATB1200 Battery for universal remote controller LiIon 3.7 1.25Ah RTI T1, T2, T2+, T2B, T2C, T2Cs, T3, T3-V, Theatre Touch, T3-V+,ATB-850, ATB-950-A, ATB-1200, 40-210154-17, ATB-1700, 30-210218-17

Battery pack suitable for use with RTI T1, T2 and T3 universal remote controls. 
Compatible with original RTI battery models ATB-850, ATB-1200, ATB-1700.

This high capacity battery offers over 40% longer run time than ATB-850 and over 10% longer run time than ATB-1200.

MI Battery Experts ARB-ATB1800 ARB-ATB1800 Battery for RTI T2i, T2X, T3X Universal Controller LiIon 3.7 1Ah RTI T2i, T2X, T3X Universal Controller,RTI ATB-1800-SY5530, ATB-900-SY5531 RTI
MI Battery Experts ARB-ATB-T4 ARB-ATB-T4 Battery for RTI T4 Universal Controller LiIon 7.4 4Ah RTI T4 Universal Controller,RTI ATB-T4 battery RTI
MI Battery Experts ARB-BTPC56067A ARB-BTPC56067A Battery for Universal MX-3000 remote controls LiPo 3.7 2.1Ah

Battery suitable for use with Crestron C2N-DAP8, CNAMPX-16X60, CNX-PAD8A, MT-1000C MiniTouch Wireless Handheld Touchpanel, STX-1700C, TPS-4L and Universal MX-3000, MX-3000i remote controls.

Compatible with original Creston battery model MT-1000C-BTP and Universal battery models BTPC56067A, PC046067H.

Creston, Universal
MI Battery Experts ARB-L-LU18 ARB-L-LU18 Battery for universal remote controls LiIon 3.7 1.3Ah

Battery suitable for use with Logitech Harmony 1000, Harmony 1100, Harmony 1100i, Squeezebox Duet Universal Remotes.

Compatible with original Logitech battery models F12440056, K398, 190582-0000, L-LU18.

MI Battery Experts ARB-PB9400-BP1 ARB-PB9400-BP1 Battery for universal remote controls LiPoly 3.7 1.7Ah

Battery suitable for use with Philips TSU-9400 Remote.

Compatible with original Philips battery models 530065, C29943 & PB9400.

MI Battery Experts ARB-PB9600-BP1 ARB-PB9600-BP1 Battery for Universal Remote Controls LiIon 3.7 2.2Ah

Battery suitable for use with Philips TSU-9600 and TSU-9800 Remote.

Compatible with original Philips battery models 2422 526 00208 & PB9600.

MI Battery Experts ARB-R-IG7 ARB-R-IG7 Battery for universal remote controls LiIon 3.7 950mAh

Battery suitable for use with Logitech Harmony 720, Harmony 785, Harmony H880, Harmony H880 Pro, Harmony H890, Harmony H890 Pro, Harmony One Universal Remotes. Device part number in battery compartment (under existing battery) is one of: 866165, 866145, 866207 or 815-000037.

Compatible with original Logitech battery models R-IG7, 190304-0000.

MI Battery Experts ARB-URC-CB200 ARB-URC-CB200 3.7V 1850mAh LiIon Remote Controller battery suitable for Sonos Controller LiIon 3.7 1.85Ah Sonos 200, CB200, CB200WR1, CR200 Controllers,Sonos 01000000118, URC-CB200 Sonos
MI Battery Experts ARB-VPA-BP ARB-VPA-BP Battery for AMX Viewpoint Touch Screen Display NiMH 7.2 4Ah AMX Viewpoint model VPW-CP, VPW-GS touchscreens,AMX VPA-BP, FG0962, Panja 57-0962 AMX

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