Industry Associations

Industry Associations

Master Instruments is committed to continual improvement and advancement in all areas of our business.

With this vision, we are active members of many industry advocacy groups and regulatory bodies to ensure our products and services are compliant, are meeting and/or exceeding industry standards all whilst being involved with the furtherment of Australian Industry. Working with these groups provides us a voice and the ability to grow with, and learn from our peers.

Master Instruments are members of the following associations:

Battery Stewardship Council (BSC)

As a major battery importer, manufacturer and wholesaler, Master Instruments is committed to reducing the impact of batteries on the environment by utilising and promoting battery recycling to our large customer base.

This responsibility includes being a full member of the Battery Stewardship Council & Accredited B-Cycle member, and a commitment to ensuring our batteries are managed right through to the end-of-life, including fully supporting B-Cycle, Australia's government backed battery recycling scheme.

Being a Battery importer, we are already contributing to the scheme via the BSC levy for currently applicable products, and have systems in place to expand as more products are added to this scheme.

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Smart Energy Council (SEC)

Smart Energy Council Silver Member

Master Instruments is a Silver level member of the Smart Energy Council.

Our desire to progress renewable energy to achieve a Net-Zero emissions target is a primary driver behind our partnerships will similar minded businesses.

The Smart Energy Council's vision is something we support and continue to work with innovative supply partners to deliver smarter battery storage and power conversion solutions to the Australian market and wider oceanic region.

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Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO)

Since late 2018 Master Instruments has been a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO).

As a signatory to this covenant, we are working towards achieving the 2025 National Packaging Standards Targets by implementing a sustainable packaging program for all products.

With the support of fellow APCO members, packaging suppliers and our customers, we intend on achieving this by considering smarter designs, material reduction, alternative materials and/or recycled materials, the recyclability of those materials and/or the reuse of packaging to ultimately reduce waste and demand on resources.

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Clean Energy Council (CEC)

With our strong focus on supporting renewable energy advancement and adoption, Master Instruments is a member of the Clean Energy Council.

Providing Clean Energy solutions is an important part of our business and our membership to the CEC allows us to be part of the conversation to help push forward Australia’s clean energy message.

With a large stock holding of CEC approved products, coupled with our innovative engineered solutions and services, Master Instruments is a proud advocate to a cleaner future.

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Family Business Australia (FBA)

Master Instruments is proud to be entering into our 80th year of operation, all under the ownership of the Dunn family.
Currently in our 3rd generation of ownership, the standards and values instilled since 1942 flow through all areas of the business to ensure only the highest standards of service are provided to customers and staff.

Employing over 120 staff across the country, Master Instruments continues to support fellow Australian owned businesses, promote Australian manufacturing and engineering capabilities, and provide local support to the Australian market. 

As a member of the Family Business Australia (FBA) group, we are proud to display the Family-Owned Australian Business logo.

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We are Family Owned

Australian Industry Group (Ai Group)

The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group®) is a peak national employer organisation representing traditional, innovative and emerging industry sectors.

As a member, Master Instruments draws upon their 150 years of Australian industry experience to ensure we are operating to the highest standards in all facets of the business such as Human Resources, Workplace Health & Safety, Education & Training, Standards & Regulation, and business improvement.

With the Support of the AI Group, Master Instruments takes great pride in providing all teams members with a safe and responsible workplace, growth opportunities and career advancement, whilst serving our customer base to the highest standards.

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