Premium Charge-Data Cables

When you’ve got things to do, ensure there’s nothing to slow you down by using the best charging cables available.

Enecharger’s new Charge & Sync cables feature the highest specifications available for the most popular USB standards: USB-A, USB-C™, Micro USB and Lightning™.

All cables are suitable for both charging and data syncing between devices. Each cable features the fastest charging rate capability from 2.4A; up to 3.0A for USB-C™ cables. Plus, some cables are rated USB3.1 Gen2 to provide up to 10Gbps data transfer speed - that’s 20x faster than USB2.0!.

With durable long strain connector relief and a braided cord in 1.0m or 2.0m lengths, premium Charge & Sync cables this tough are the only cables you’re going to need.

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