Custom Battery Pack Solutions

Custom Battery Pack Solutions

Our business is building battery packs. We lead the region in building specialised lithium rechargeable and primary battery packs in addition to other rechargeable chemistries such as Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride.

Price information for add ons & assembly of battery Packs (Not including rechargeable lithium)

Standard battery pack construction incurs a manufacturing cost of $2.00 per cell. For instance if you wanted a battery pack made from 10 cells add $2.00 to the cost of the cell & then multiply the cost by ten.

This is for a standard assembly with solder tag termination with or without heatshrink. This does not apply to the price of completed battery packs already available within this price list.

Assembly charges for Lithium Ion (LiIon), Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) & Lithium Polymer (LiPoly) batteries are not standardised and thus priced on application to one of our sales representatives.

Additonal price information ex GST on cell & battery pack termination is as follows:

  • Standard flying leads $2.00 per battery.
  • Leads with connectors $2.50 plus the cost of the lead & connector assembly.
  • Solder Tags on cells $1.50 per cell
  • PCB pins or snap fastener connections on cells $2.00 per cell
  • Certificates of Conformance are charged at $25.00.

Should you like MI to assemble a more complex assembly please ask your sales representative to give you a quote.
If you require larger wholesale/OEM quantities of any products please ask your sales representative to give you a quote.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Packs

Master Instruments now offer a range of off the shelf Lithium Rechargeable Design In Solutions making the job easy for engineers and design houses with battery packs in a range of voltages, capacities and current outputs now available for immediate shipping.

All the battery packs feature world's best quality, high capacity Panasonic (Sanyo) lithium ion cells inside. This leading manufacturer has lead the world in this technology for many years being the major OEM for a majority of quality consumer and industrial products. The batteries offer the best package of safety, performance and lifetime endurance unmatched by the lower cost producers. This means total cost of ownership is lower whilst reducing failures and increasing longevity therefore a major boost to productivity. As the factory's partner in the Oceania region we can also offer direct from factory as well as own decades of top of the line engineering expertise to make sure buyers procure the best battery that's correctly suited to their product designs.

All our battery packs are built with safety in mind using cells with in built protection and safety circuits inside each battery pack.
A wide range of matched lithium rechargable battery chargers are also offered. All required product information being made available on each product page.

Please note whilst the products listed form our standard range we can vary the product specification to meet customers with differing requirements. Cells in alternative capacities and other properties such as high drain use can be engineered into a customers design.

See the product for further details.

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