MI in the Community

MI in the Community

Supporting the Community that Supports Us

Charitable organisations are out there every day helping the sick, injured and underprivileged to get better, feel better and live better. They benefit our community through their generosity and unwavering support, but these organisations that tirelessly help others need help, too.

At Master Instruments, we recognise our responsibility to those who need a helping hand and our capacity to make a difference in whatever way we can. That's why we proudly support the charities and worthwhile community organisations that provide the services to help make the community a better place for all its members.

We regularly donate to and continue to support Cancer Council, The Mulloon Institute, CareFlight, The Salvation Army, Australian Red Cross, Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children, Lions Club of Parramatta, and more recently the Children's Cancer Institute

Master Instruments is also heavily involved with the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service (CRS) for active return to work programs. We work with the CRS to provide employment opportunities and/or on-the-job training programs to people with disabilities to help them regain their confidence and independence.

Our company's efforts to encourage an inclusive environment for all workers have been recognised through awards for our support and commitment to workplace diversity.

Additionally, Master Instruments also supports local community fund raising by donating products to educational facilities, fund raising auctions and various other community driven fund raising events. We have been recognised for our battery donations to Victoria Police during the devastating bushfires of 2009 and donations to the QLD flood appeal.

Our environmental sustainability support focuses on our own reduction in energy usage with our own large roof top solar & battery storage systems plus key battery recycling programs. A key program we follow with much interest is The Mulloon Institute which is a global leader in the rehydration and restoration of landscapes through the use of world class scientific research, education and demonstration programs Combatting Climate Change with Project : Carbon Capture.

We also believe it's important to look after animal welfare and extinction protection programs such as and donations to the Save the African Rhino organisation.

MI would love to help!

To apply for community grants please email your request to: [email protected]

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