Premium Charge-Data Cables

Fast charging, fast syncing, braided cable design

When you’ve got things to do, ensure there’s nothing to slow you down by using the best charging cables available.

Enecharger’s new Charge & Sync cables feature the highest specifications available for the most popular USB standards: USB-A, USB-C™, Micro USB and Lightning™.

All cables are suitable for both charging and data syncing between devices. Each cable features the fastest charging rate capability from 2.4A; up to 3.0A for USB-C™ cables. Plus, some cables are rated USB3.1 Gen2 to provide up to 10Gbps data transfer speed - that’s 20x faster than USB2.0!

With durable long strain connector relief and a braided cord in 1.0m or 2.0m lengths, premium Charge & Sync cables this tough are the only cables you’re going to need.

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