So how long is my battery going to last - A very common question we receive !

The ultimate answer for battery run-time involves a series of parameters and algorithm calculations based on the following variables :

  • Operating Voltage (Maximum, Nominal and Minimum / cut-off)

  • Current Draw (Peak, Average & standby) & Duration

  • Temperatures (% of time of exposure per temperature)

  • Back Up or Mains Power Source

  • Storage Temperature

  • Operating Temperature

  • Expected Operating Life

  • Storage Time Before Usage:

  • Size Constraints (Preferred Cell Size)

Other (If Applicable):
  • Charge & Discharge Rates (If applicable)
  • Special Conditions : Shock, Vibration, Humidity etc.

Total Cost Of Ownership Calculations also depend on Estimated Annual Volume Cost Base.



Ohm's Law



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