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Master Instruments complies with the following regulatory guidelines set by IATA (International Air Transport Association), DOT (Department of Transport) & manages its product data sheets through CHEMWATCH.

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Welcome to the Battery Transportation section which covers the latest IATA (Air) & DOT (Road/Sea) guidelines for the safe & reliable transportation of batteries & battery related products.

Whilst we try to make sure this section has the latest links on battery transport guidelines including some individual carriers, please update us if you feel any of the below information is now outdated.

UN38.3 Testing

IATA UN38.3 Testing & Certification Information

Primary Lithium Battery Transportation

UN3090 / UN3091 Transportation guidelines for Primary lithium batteries

Rechargeable Lithium Battery Transportation

UN3480 / UN3481 Transportation guidelines for Rechargeable lithium batteries

Transport Training

Training providers for IATA and DOT regulatory guidelines

Battery Safety and Testing

Articles regarding product safety and testing

(M)SDS Information

Material Safety Data Sheets

Manufacturers Transport Guides

Manufacturer generated information for transport

Logistics / Forwarder Guides

Transport provider generated guides for transport

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