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Industrial Market Solutions

Explore the divergent markets & industries where we provide power to our partners.

Custom Battery Pack Solutions

Our core business is creating the highest quality reliable power provision for your equipment.

Application Specific Battery Solutions 

Your device no matter how great, will only ever be as good as the battery that powers it !


Customised Charging Solutions

If the common "off-the-shelf" chargers don't cut the mustard then we may just have one that does.


Total Battery & Charger Turn Key Solutions

Design and build services for complete turn-key charger & battery solutions are available.


Product Development & Planning

The process from conceptualisation to core product starts here.

Degaussing(Demagnetising) Service

Do you have a need for battery packs to be magnetic field neutralised ?

Application Solution Image Library

We are passionate about providing the DC power to awesome applications. Preview some here.

Assembly Parts Library

Click here to see all the parts in the assembly libraray.

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