Product Development & Planning

Product Development & Planning

OEM/ODM - Industry Solution Production Process

We offer fast sample/prototype development with MI’s production facilities in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.

Our capability also exists for project scale increases enabling us to produce large volume mass production orders with certified partner assemblers across Asia. Drop ship arrangements to final assembly point is an important factor if thinking about the current distribution trends of our customers.

Master Instruments is in the unique position of receiving the very important key engineering support directly from battery/cell manufacturers such as PANASONIC/SANYO, FDK/FUJITSU, SAFT, K2 ENERGY, RENATA, ELECTROCHEM, VITZROCELL and many others.

UN Test Certification & Utmost quality requirements are essential to critical applications such as Mining, Marine, Gas, Oil , Medical & Health etc..

The Figure illustarted below is the typical process taken with our enquiries:

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