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Battery Application Worksheet

Battery Application Worksheet

Specification Documents to outline your requirements.

Lithium Battery Safety

Master Instruments - Battery Safety

We offer testing to the IEC 62133:2 2017 and UN38.3 standards.

Battery Testing Capabilities

Battery Testing Equipment

Explore our range of battery testing capabilities.

Quality Assurance

Master Instruments Provide You With Quality Assurance

Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Batteries By Application Use

Master Instruments - Battery By Category

Explore by product category, application or intended use

Batteries By Chemistry

Master Instruments - Battery By Chemistry

Find your battery by chemistry type both rechargeable & primary

Battery Chargers

Master Instruments - Battery Chargers

Chargers for batteries and electronic devices

Battery Analysers

Battery Analysis - Battery Analysers

View our range of battery testers & analysers

Battery Assembly

Custom Battery Pack Solutions For Your Business

Custom battery pack assembly provision

Industry Solutions

We Provide Industrial Battery Solutions

Explore our capabilities to supply your industry need

Power Products

Master Instruments - Power Products

For all your AC & DC power supplies, solar, inverters & power distribution

Battery Assembly Parts

Battery Assembly Parts & Holders

Battery assembly components, parts, leads & connectors

Test & Measurement

Master Instruments - Digital Testing Equipment & Measurement

Digital test & measurement, telco equipment analogue meters & shunts

Torches & Flashlights

Lighting, Flashlight & Torch Battery Solutions

LED & standard torches, flashlight & exit light batteries

Battery Holders & Cases

Battery Holders & Cases

We cater for a range of battery holders and cases

Power Engineering Tools

Crimping, Opening & Extraction Tools, Cordless Soldering Irons.

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Featured Products

Replacement Batteries for Stryker

Three new replacement batteries for STRYKER system cordless drill drivers with higher capacity available now. Click the heading to read more.

New Drypower 36V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Experience a whole lot more power with Drypower's 36V (38.4V) 100Ah rechargeable lithium battery. Great for camping and trolling motors. Click the heading to read more.

12V 100Ah Lithium All-Purpose Battery

Pylontech's 12V (12.8V) 100Ah LiFePO4 battery with 3,000+ cycle life and weighs only 14kg is your new go-to in deep cycle applications. Click the heading to read more.

Procell by Duracell Intense Alkaline range

Complete range of Procell by Duracell Intense alkaline batteries is now available; from AAA to D cells, use Procell Intense in high drain devices including automatic soap and sanitiser dispensers, medical devices and door locks. Click the heading to read more.

BCycle Products by Brand


US5000-B CEC Approved


Pylontech's US5000-B has been added to the Clean Energy Council list of Approved batteriesRead More

Fanso Spiral Wound EOL


Fanso are closing the factory that manufactures the M Series spiral wound lithium thionyl chloride rangeRead More


Analysing different Victron Energy Storage Systems


Describing and analysing ESS's, power graphs, and their pro's & con's in a typical domestic installation.

Read More

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