Laptop-Notebook Power Supplies

Finding the right AC Adaptor for your laptop or notebook...

Most people refer to these as chargers but they are technically an AC Adaptor.

In the most basic of forms, AC Adaptors convert AC mains power (100-240V) to a smaller DC voltage for use with devices.

Finding a suitable Laptop AC Adaptor is a very simple 3 step process;

  1. Voltage (V)     input voltage required by the device (found on the rating label)
  2. Current (mAh) input current the device consumes (also found on rating label)
  3. Connector       size and polarity of the connector itself.

There is a very simple to follow guide here

Master Instruments offers a number of universal solutions that are suitable for a wide range of devices from well know manufacturers such as Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Sony and more.

Our newest product, the QC3-AC-LT5 from Enecharger, is a universal Automatic Smart charger and comes supplied with 10 common adaptors (connectors) + a USB-C cable for charging most brands. And we have also added 8 extra adaptors to use with this for bunch of other device models.

Click here to view the cross reference guide . (Includes voltage, current and connector dimensions)

For more information, please view the products from the list below.

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