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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Good Morning,

Just dropping a some feedback about the online based returns system.  Overall I received a positive result after filling the form out yesterday and getting the results this morning, that is a quick turnaround!

-    Quick turnaround and responses, it felt like it was acknowledged.
-    Easily understood layout, of what goes where,, no misunderstanding of language with a professional layout.
-    Fields worked, I didn’t come across any bugs in the system or broken links/fields

-    Initially there was some difficultly filling in of the particulars but was easily solved after I had found the original invoice (not my usual area of expertise).  Maybe implement an auto-fill of fields system after entering the Customer code maybe? Minor detail, not a deal breaker.

Enjoy the rest of your day and wish you best on your continuous improvement journey with the online based returns system.

Kind regards,



Michael Smith 
Quality Officer, CSM
AMP Control Group



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