Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

In a ever evolving world driven by automated technology, competitive pricing and online competition, what is lacking is the traditional valued product & application knowledge & high levels of customer service.

We at Master Intruments strive to excel in our customer's service expectations & overall experience.

Below are feedback experiences & what our customers have to say about us:

Marine Rescue NSW Botany Port Hacking Unit are most thankful for the generosity you, and your organisation has shown.

The two battery chargers for our Rescue Watercraft along with your recent donation goes a long way in assisting the unit's operations.

The chargers and donation provided to the Unit all goes in to enabling Marine Rescue NSW and in particular our Unit "save lives at sea."

A brilliant Master Instruments – Sydney Office effort!

Received the batteries yesterday thanks.
Very nice workmanship, something we are sadly not used to receiving from Australian companies.

The Drypower batteries are doing really well out there in our injectors around the world. We have seen a big improvement since we started using them in place of the Panasonics.

It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone at MI this year, and we're grateful for your support and responsiveness whenever we squeak

Wescor's solar panel & battery cabinet system means that i have:

  • Independent energy production (no feedback to grid)
  • Independent energy storage (batteries & generator)
  • Independent digital monitoring
  • Independent & easy management
  • Possibility to upgrade in future

Essentailly, I value my freedom and I believe that being forward thinking and investing in creative people is of paramount importance. Consultation with Wes (Wescor) enabled me to find the most appropriate solution for my property.

VelectriX is a manufacturer and importer of electric bicycles, currently selling via a dealer network in Australia and NZ.

We purchased 2 West Mountain CBA IV units with amplifiers a couple of years back to be able to test the lithium batteries that the bikes are equipped with.

We have found them perfect for our needs. With many different test modes and the ability to create simple test reports, the CBA's are great.
The fact that the units are cheaper than most other units we looked at, is the icing on the cake.

Great product.

Good morning Paul,

It's only a pleasure and an absolute pleasure dealing with you guys. At this stage we are still slowly phasing in Victron and Pylon but things will start speeding up in the next couple of months. Dean is working hard to finish the first Eco cabin show home with Victron/Pylon products. This will further boost sales as they start selling these to already awaiting customers.

Hope life is treating you well!

Master Instruments supplies efficient service, by working to a deadline then coming in ahead of schedule. They also accommodated our unique international shipping needs. A professionally run team. Highly recommended!

Dear Robert,
My apologies. This email has been on my to do list for weeks now.

Firstly, I want to say thank you, to you and Phill for your help and all your generous support. It is a really great level of service and customer care you provide, and everything worked exactly as specified.

Secondly the project went so well as to set a new level of expectation from my very fussy clients. Everything will now be expected to have no wires and be battery powered so i suspect I will l be back soon. (Literally these people are so conscious of not seeing wires that I was told to cut a hole in a $6,000 rug. And did!)

Attached are some photos of the build and the final product in store with some of the $25k watches on stands. (Unfortunately I can't authorise these to be used for any third party commercial purposes, as my clients are very conscious of their brand).

Thanks again for your help.

Good Morning,

Just dropping a some feedback about the online based returns system. Overall I received a positive result after filling the form out yesterday and getting the results this morning, that is a quick turnaround!

- Quick turnaround and responses, it felt like it was acknowledged.
- Easily understood layout, of what goes where,, no misunderstanding of language with a professional layout.
- Fields worked, I didn't come across any bugs in the system or broken links/fields

- Initially there was some difficultly filling in of the particulars but was easily solved after I had found the original invoice (not my usual area of expertise). Maybe implement an auto-fill of fields system after entering the Customer code maybe? Minor detail, not a deal breaker.

Enjoy the rest of your day and wish you best on your continuous improvement journey with the online based returns system.

Kind regards,

To Andrew Robinson,

Thanks bro I appreciate it that's awesome,
I must say you are by far the most helpful and knowledgeable sales guy I have spoken to in regards to anything solar that I have spoken to in my career

Thanks mate great job cheers I will be putting a lot more sales through you good job keep it up have a good night

Hi Paul (Teague)

Many thanks for the info on SAFT stock levels. I will get back to you tomorrow on that front.

Great to meet James and Julie yesterday. Seems like Master Instruments only employ great people.

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