Recycling Policy

Recycling Policy

As a major battery importer, manufacturer and wholesaler, Master Instruments is committed to reducing the impact of batteries on the environment by utilising and promoting battery recycling to our large customer base.

This responsibility includes being a full member of the Battery Stewardship Council & Accredited B-Cycle member, and a commitment to ensuring our batteries are managed right through to the end-of-life, including fully supporting B-Cycle, Australia's government backed battery recycling scheme.

Being a Battery importer, we are already contributing to the B-Cycle scheme via the BSC levy for currently applicable products, and have systems in place to expand as more products are added to this scheme.

MI utilises Ecobatt and Envirostream for the safe recycling and disposal of our batteries.

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Consumer Recycling

B-Cycle Logo B-Cycle Find a Drop Off Button

The B-Cycle scheme is Australia's Government backed recycling scheme designed to incorporate all areas of the battery supply chain, from importation, to retailing and finally consumers.

Recently launched, the B-Cycle recycling program encourages consumers to not only correctly dispose of their batteries by taking them to designated drop off points, but to adopt the ethos of supporting accreditted members, and brands to ensure batteries are recycled rather than ending up in landfill.

The program is the work of the Battery Stewardship Council and as an active member, Master Instruments contributes funding by way of import levies. All applicable batteries incorporate this levy and forms part of the pricing along the supply chain. 

The B-Cycle website is an extremely usefull tool to guide consumers through what products are included in the scheme, the do's and dont's of battery storage, locate acredited drop-off points and how to get involved and support this great program. We encourage all entities involved inthe suplly and use of batteries to join.

Currently, some product categories are covered under their own Recycling Schemes; these include:

Commercial Recycling

Managing larger or commerical quantities of disposed batteries requires the help of industry experts. Master Instruments uses and recommends both Ecobatt and Environstream, both Australian based battery recyclers with an array of services to suit. Both companies offer multiple and/or tailored solutions for the storage & collection of recyclable batteries and we suggest you contact them directly to discuss your requirments.


Ecobatt Collection Bins Image

Ecobatt - Australia’s leading battery recycling company.

Ecobatt specialises in the safe collection, processing and recycling of battery products to protect our environment, now, and for future generations. It is the pre-eminent battery recycling company in Australia. With a meticulous approach to safety and professionalism the company has invested in a state-of-the-art facility at Campbellfield, which is modelled on proven world-class battery recycling technology. With a wealth of recycling experience across the group the business has a service-based culture, where commitment, passion, and desire are central to their ‘can do’ attitude.

The Ecobatt processing facility is supported by a state-of-the-art recycling facility at Campbellfield Victoria. A national structure of depots supports the plant ensuring timely and efficient collection of batteries on behalf of our customers.

Ecobatt, offer a comprehensive range of battery collection options that are practically designed, safe and approved for use in supermarkets, schools, offices, factories or retail outlets. Visually appealing they promote recycling and the protection of our environment.

5-11 Reo Crescent
VIC 3061

Phone: 1300 32 62 92

Contact us:


Envirostream Collections Image

Envirostream - Australia’s first onshore company to offer mixed-battery recycling

They are the only onshore, mixed-battery recycling facility in Australia with the integrated capacity to collect, sort, shred and separate all the components of spent Li-ion and single-use alkaline batteries. As a subsidiary of Lithium Australia, the battery supply chain innovator, they aim to assist in the establishment of a circular battery economy. Ongoing improvements ensure our processes are safe and sustainable, and acknowledge and support the corporate environmental, social and governance responsibilities being embraced by many in the battery industry globally.

Envirostream’s ISO 14001 accredited processing system – the result of more than three years of research and development and the first of its kind in Australia – recovers around 95% of the materials in a spent battery.

Envirostream has designed a range of battery collection units. Each is available in the standard Envirostream design but can be customised to suit individual needs in terms of location and volume. The collection units can be displayed in reception areas or entries to office buildings, retail stores, hospitality venues, educational establishments and more. All Envirostream’s collection units are safe and reliable and comply with Australian standards.

Suite 16 & 17,
79-83 High Street,
Kew Vic 3101

Phone: 1800 72 72 74

Contact Us:

To speak to is about Battery Recycling, please contact any of our sales teams.

Choosing the right Recycler:

For advice on choosing the right recycler, please visit:

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