Camille Bauer AG

Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG is a swiss manufacturer of intruments and has long years of experience in the development of precise instrumentation which must operate in all external conditions.

Be it the throttle valve of power plants, crane booms under heavy loads, passenger and container vessels at sea or aligned solar plants: Almost anywhere in machine construction and transport, even the smallest changes in inclination can cause substantial effects. Both directly on the component concerned and subsequently on the entire system. It is thus very important that these changes are exactly measured in order to start compensating action immediately.

Angular position systems of Camille Bauer Metrawatt are able to allocate a path or angle position to an exact and unambiguous positional value at any time. They thus form an important link between the mechanical system and the control. They particularly prove their quality in rough conditions.

Environmental impacts do not impair their precision in any way: The tried and tested capacitive system works according to a non-contact measuring principle and provides unique functional safety for the instruments. Depending on the application and objective, OEM versions are available to be included in the series of customer systems and special versions for machine and plant construction.

The Camille Bauer products feature maximum safety for the operating staff and standard aligned functioning under different site and ambient conditions.

Angular position transmitters acquire the angular position of a shaft and convert the mechanical movement into a proportionate DC signal.

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